Feb 10, 2016

Back at quilting

I've finally "finished" quilting the middle of my jelly roll quilt!

These are the left, center and right of the last row I quilted. There's still a bit of a gap that I might go back and fill in. Doing the loops in the bottom picture was one of my favorite parts. The center picture shows my ugly starts and stops but it was quick and easy without having to bury threads. The line is the inside of the 1st border and I quilted the outside one too, I just don't have a picture.  I'm stumped a bit on the outer border quilting but I'm sure I'll figure it out by this weekend. I'm a slow quilter but I hope to have this done withing 2 weeks. I think I'm going to end up naming this one "Done is Better Than Perfect" because it's far from perfect!

Happy Sewing!

Feb 7, 2016

Fabric wallet

I made this quick and easy fabric wallet in an evening to match my Zip Zip bag. It uses very little fabric and I had plenty left over. It was late when I finished, so in the morning I had to unstitch some. I had a little problem with the folding but it wasn't a big deal and I won't have the same problem again.

This is the outside when it's laid flat. There's a small Velcro closed coin pouch there where the colors contrast.

This is the inside. There's 2 card slots on the right and a Velcro pouch for money on the left. I still need to add a sew in snap but it stayed nice and closed in my purse and pocket when I went out the next day. These would make great wrapping for gift card holders and money. I'm planning to make more of these. You can find the pattern free on Craftsy and the instructions here at Sew Can She's Blog.

I'm managing to get at least one small project done a week. This is amazing to me! God has come into my life and made me so much more myself than I ever thought I could be. This week I'd like to make baby shoes for my nephew and get back to quilting my quilt again. I'd also like to make a small headphone case to match my bag and a coin bag. There's no priority on any of these so I'll see what I get to. 

Happy Sewing! I know I am!

Shared at Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Where she's got great nine patch quilt patterns for free right now.

Jan 30, 2016

Baby Shoes - Simplicity 1677 and Simplicity 2278

I was looking at my old Craftsy account and noticed I put some free baby shoe patterns on my wishlist ages ago. There have been 2 babies, a boy and a girl, born into my family recently so I thought these would make great gifts.  Then the JoAnn's ad came in and Simplicity patterns were on sale. So after looking at their website catalog, which is in the middle of being updated, I saw they had several baby shoe patterns to sew. When I got got the store, there were only 2 available so I bought those along with pink felt and fleece, on sale, and some fusible fleece to make them.

I absolutely fell in love with view G on Simplicity 1677. They are the cutest little felt and fleece Ugg style booties and I knew I'd have to sew these up right away. It was only 3 pattern pieces but it took longer to sew than I anticipated. I made them over a couple of days and I stayed up too late to finish them. The color is best in the first picture.