Feb 11, 2010

Record snow fall in DFW!

It's been the largest amount of snow in 32 years falling all over the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex today. Some people have said they've lived here since the 30's and 40's and have never seen this kind of snow. It's a once in a generation occurrence and we're here to witness it. It's pretty awesome when you think about it. We put a ruler outside earlier today to measure it.


This 12 inch ruler showed about 8 inches at noon today and it hasn't stopped snowing. I looked outside earlier and the ruler had disappeared under the snow by 8 pm. The snow is still going strong now at 10 pm and isn't supposed to end until after 2 am in my area. I think if we were getting our normal heavy winds, it would have been a blizzard today. Fortunately the winds were light and our power didn't go out.

There was so much snow we didn't have to settle for making a snowman today. My husband and kids made a snow beast. It was supposed to be a moose but we didn't have antlers/horns. Then it was supposed to be a cow but I only had green and blue to color it with so it ended up looking more like a dragon. It's eyes are circles I cut out of leftover black fleece. He's about 5 feet tall.

 I only got about half of my blocks pieced, which wasn't much, but we had fun today so I guess that's what counts. Another ruler in snow picture tomorrow. Maybe I'll also finally get a good picture of the finished quilt too.

Feb 6, 2010

One quilt finished & a new project

I finished my son's quilt on Wednesday! I wanted to post a picture today but the weather wasn't cooperating with us. We took it out yesterday to get a picture because it was a beautiful sunny day but the wind kept catching it. Hopefully we'll be able to do it tomorrow when we'll have an extra person to help. Look for a long post on that soon.

Meanwhile I've started on a baby quilt for my niece.  Here's what I had a couple of days ago:

Two sets of four patches and all the strips pieced.

Feb 1, 2010

Quilt art

My daughter had a quilting project in art class. Actually, it was a painting project that used quilt blocks. They were to pick 4 quilt blocks and place them in the order the teacher wanted. The teacher also had rules about the colors and tints. They were supposed to pick 3 colors and 1 tint. She obviously hadn't quilted before. My daughter broke the rules anyways and made tints of 2 of the colors. I think she knew instinctively that the colors would blend too closely together. She is the real artist in the family. This project was done in December so she thought she would be able to give it to me for Christmas. It was chosen to be displayed in the main hallway and stayed at school. Friday she got in the the car after school and said "Merry Christmas!" and gave it to me. I love it and pinned it up this weekend in my quilting space. I know it's going to call to me to make it into a fabric quilt one day.


Edited 2/6/2010 with a picture that better represents the colors.