Jul 10, 2013

Charming chevrons

So I've been feeling better and once again, because I looked several months before, I looked for a quilt to make from some 5" charms, that I bought from Connecting Threads ages ago, at the end of May. I found what I wanted in Christa Quilts! Charming Chevrons Quilt along. It was simple, modern, used charms, and gave a lot of punch for your effort. I bought some Kona black and worked on it on & off for the whole month of June. 

I haven't been 100% so I just worked on it for a couple of hours here and there, otherwise I think I could've gotten the top done in 2 weeks. Then, I thought it'd take another month to quilt but I decided to do the minimal amount I felt I could get away with. So now after about 37 hours of work. Here it is, my first quilt in a year+

55" x 62"
I added a 4 inch border in Kona grey. I like thick 1/2 inch bindings because it frames it. My daughter is an artist/art student and helped me arrange the half blocks into a balanced layout. I couldn't do that without her help. I would have ended up doing it randomly and it would have looked disturbing.
The hours it took was a rough estimate. I think it was more. I tracked it because I was curious how long an "easy" quilt would take. I think I work kind of slow too. I'll definitely do this one again.

I really had fun making this and getting back into the swing of things. I have a top I finished but didn't post about that needs layered & quilted and the BOM blocks I finished last year to put together and quilt in sections. They would be my next two projects but I want to do some more clothes sewing for myself first. But before I even do that, I need to get back to my housework! 

I hope to post again soon!

Jul 9, 2013

Hi again!

I've had a year filled with health challenges but I should be back in the game again.

I did finish the last quilt I posted about but I don't know if I have any pictures of it. Since then, I haven't really done much because I haven't had the energy for it. That all changed at the end of May and I've been working on a fast and easy quilt.

I hope to finish it today and post later after its been washed. It was just something to use up what I had and get back into the groove of quilting/sewing. Actually in February I made a new skirt for myself for V-day and now I plan to sew some clothes after this quilt.

Also I may change to my other gmail account to post but its still me and only me.

Thanks for still following me!