Oct 21, 2010

Time for my monthly check in....

Seriously, I just can't get this blogging thing down. I think it would be easy to document what I've been doing at least once a week, but preferably twice. I'm actually doing stuff to blog about but I have a hard time documenting. Right now, I have a horrible cold so I'm sitting back in my comfy chair and finally updating. Nothing like an illness to make you sit back and reflect on what you'd rather be doing. (my sister just Tweeted me they had this last week right before we visited them)

Quilting: Now here is where I'm actually making progress. I've worked on it quite steadily for a while but then my allergies started sucking the life out of me. I've been sitting around reading blogs and  message boards for the last week and a half as my allergy medicine just doesn't seem strong enough anymore. I've found a lot of great inspiration and I'll be ready to get back at my current WIP as soon as I'm well from this cold.

Here's what I've done on my quilt thus far: I broke the center of my quilt up into four sections and pieced each section together, 2 blocks X 3 blocks, 3 blocks X 3 blocks, 3 blocks X 4 blocks and 2 blocks X 4 blocks. This is according to one of the plans in Marti Michell's Machine Quilting in Sections book. I layered the first section, 2X3, with the batting and backing making sure there will be enough to lay the border over on the left and top side and very little where this section will join with the others later. I pin basted it and then rolled up the sides with the exposed batting. The Free Motion Quilt Along has been going on over at A Few Scraps Blog, you can join anytime. I had been keeping an eye on it because she makes it look so fun and easy but I hadn't decided to join in because I wanted to make this quilt. I realized after basting I could use this quilt for the quilt a long after all. Now this quilt is truly a sampler in technique and quilting designs. I've been quilting the curvy designs in the blue and the straight line ones in the red with the yellow catching the others. Here's a couple of pictures:

I'm amazed at how the FM quilting has taken a plain quilt and given it so much texture! I'm in love with what I can do!

This is the back of the same section. I love all the texture! I've finished 3 so far with the 4th basted and ready to go before I got sick. I started by stitching in the ditch along the zigzags. I like to do it because I can take out most of my pins as I've moved along and it makes the blocks show up on the back. On one section I got so excited to quilt I didn't stitch in the ditch and I had to keep stopping to remove pins and when I turned it over it looked odd because it had too much open space and didn't flow into each other. My straight quilting isn't very straight and I don't have as much fun with it as the curvy stuff but I'm still practicing. I'm also afraid that i got very tired of quilting the same thing over and over. I can't imagine stippling an entire quilt unless I was on a tight schedule.

The next step in this quilt, after quilting the last section, is to sew all four sections together with strips to cover the seams on the back. The book says this can be done with a blind hem foot but I've never used it so I may finish the strips off by hand this time. Then I need to cut the borders and sew them on, quilt the borders and bind, I've already made the binding.

I like this technique for making quilts because I don't have to do everything at once. I like going back and forth doing steps in sections. It suits the way I work and keeps my attention which should lead to more finished quilt tops. I think maybe next time I'd use a pieced border so  I don't have to add them after joining the sections together. Then I could just join the sections after quilting, trim and bind and be finished.

So this may be it for me for another month. With the holiday season coming I don't know when I'll post again between working retail and sewing. I just hope I don't feel as run down this year as last. I'd better start taking my vitamins!

Sep 23, 2010

I thought this would be a simple quilt...

I wanted to make a quilt. I wanted it to be quick and easy. I wanted it to be flannel, front & back with batting. I had these flannels in my stash from a Black Friday sale at JoAnn's years ago:

They're very juvenile but go together perfectly.

I saw a free pattern on the internet but I discarded it as it was made for a larger number of fabrics than four and I wanted to use just these and not buy more. I decided I wanted a "simple" rail fence quilt with large blocks for less piecing.

Here are the blocks spaced 4 inches apart with a 12 inch border 

This looked huge and the scale wasn't right.

I then spaced the rails 3 inches apart with a 9 inch border and some white fabric to block it down to 9 inches

This looks more balanced to me and the blocks are only slightly smaller. I also searched Google for images of rail fence quilts and decided it needed a small inner border to contain it.

I have at least 3 yards of each fabric so I started designing big making it 8 X 8 array of blocks in Inkscape. I liked the look of it and figured the size to be 96 inches square. Then I got out the book Machine Quilting in Sections by Marti Michell to start planning how to tackle this quilt to quilt it in sections. She has lots of great examples with flannel quilts. I looked in the appendix to compare the size of the quilt I designed with bed sizes and realized I designed a quilt big enough to cover a king size bed when all I wanted was about twin size for in front of the TV! So it was back to the drawing board, Inkscape, to trim it down a lot! I let my desire to use up fabric overrule the size I wanted.

Here's what my finished quilt should look like with the red border standing in for the print:

So now it's 5 X 7 blocks and more appropriately sized, after making several revisions. I then wrote up what I needed to cut and sew. This took me all afternoon and evening on Tuesday. I also had a massive sinus headache that slowed  me down a bit.

I didn't think it would take so much planning to design a "simple" quilt. I believed I could just jump right into it and have the strips cut Tuesday night and have it ready to quilt by the weekend. Is it just me? I don't like not having a plan and a picture of the end product before starting any project. I have graph paper in square and hexagon grids so I can plan the outcome and then I have to color it in or I use the computer. I think that is why just grabbing strips and sewing them together doesn't appeal to me very much. All this figuring out and planning is fun and not fun at the same time. I do like the planning but at the same time I want to go straight to the fabric.

I have cut into this particular fabric already. I've made up 2 sections of it and I'm ready to finish the rest of the center and get batting for it. I really shouldn't have done this quilt when I have a few on the side but it's for a good reason, really it is, and the other projects just weren't calling to me. My hexies are turning into flowers whenever I have to sit and wait somewhere. I really need to cut more.

Sep 20, 2010

I finally made myself a new bag

I got into my sewing space this weekend to make my self a grab bag from All People Quilt.com(links to a .pdf file). I used some black denim I've had for ever and the leftover red tone on tone, from my daughter's lunchbag, for the lining.

And looped closed:

The denim is very stiff and unsuitable for clothes but perfect for a bag. The original option was to use 2 quilting cottons and batting in between but I didn't want the extra work on the first one I made.   I did do extra work anyways because I zigzagged the edges to finish them. The seam allowance was only a 1/4 inch and I was afraid it would fray too easy. Next time I'll use the same pattern but take a 1/2 inch seam allowance, there's plenty of room for it.

I like this bag because there are no separate straps to make which makes it quicker to sew. The handles on this one are funny, IMHO, to sew together but come out awesome. I would recommend basting the loop parts before stitching them closed. Next time I'm going to try to close up the straps the way I've seen it done on a Burda Charlie Bag with a lining added. You sew up one side of the handle to the end, on both sides, then line up the ends & stitch them closed going from the lining to the outer fabric, or vise versa, without stopping so you only have to turn under & stitch down one side to close it. It's hard to explain but should make finishing easier. I also skipped the pockets, I didn't feel a need for them.

I think I will make this one from cotton with the batting soon. I'd love to have one in Day of the Dead fabric for October.

Sep 16, 2010

Hexies and a new vintage machine

I've worked on my hexies and I've gotten them all basted. Here are the next ones I've worked on:

And here they are all together, I think that's a nickle in there:

I've tried placing them into matching rows but it looks too uniform:

Then I tried flowers which I like but they don't really sing to me:

I'm working on them tomorrow at my son's music class so I'll sew them into flowers but I think I'm going to make a garland out of them for my sewing room. I don't know if I'll attach them end to end or maybe on a fake vine. Either way, I'm going to back them and either stuff them or batt and quilt them, most likely by hand.

BTW my husband came home with a Necchi type 565 yesterday from the charity store for $15! We believe it was one of the first to be made in Japan since I believe the 555 was still made in Italy and this one doesn't say "Made in Italy" anywhere, though the motor and bobbin hook say that specifically. He's opened it up and oiled everything. It does have plastic parts and the weirdest bobbin case I've seen.  Some of the plastic has come off of the bobbin case or it's damaged in some other way and the only problem we're having is the top thread seems to get hung up on it often and then we get thread buildup underneath. It has several built in stitches and a low/high speed control, and boy can it go fast! It looks like it'll be a great machine for as long as it lasts, once we fix it's issues. It also came in it's own little table with an inch measuring strip printed on it in front of the machine. I'll have to get it back together & take pictures to share next week.

Sep 9, 2010

My son is away at camp with school this week so I managed to get in 15 minutes of play today but it turned into an hour and all I got put together was this bit of a crazy block from scraps

This was my first time doing it. I read about it within the last couple of weeks and decided to go for it today because I haven't sewn for myself in ages! I really didn't want to work on a "project" either so I just sewed some scraps onto a dryer sheet. I will never use a dryer sheet again. I've read in several places over the years that you can do this but I had a few problems. I tried to iron my used dryer sheets because they come out of the dryer all wrinkly, I guess they get rid of them from your clothes by absorption. ^_^ My iron was too hot no matter what setting it was on and they left a lot of gunk on it. I gave that up and used it with all the wrinkles in it, after destroying 3 with the iron. Then, I wanted to piece a fairly large piece and the dryer sheet wasn't as big so I ended up trimming it off at the seam allowances. So in the future, I think I'll use a very light non-fusible interfacing if I think I need an extra base at all. I don't know how this will be used in the end but I plan to square it up and make more for something quick and brainless to sew on the machine and to use up my small scraps. Hopefully next time it won't take an hour.

Sep 4, 2010

I made a lunch box!

Back to school time has been kicking my butt. I haven't found any time to sew until I had to do this. My daughter got this bento box last weekend. It's square and wouldn't fit in her lunchbox laying flat so I decided to make her one. It's been an experience I don't want to repeat on my home machine.

From Sewing projects
Its 8 inches high, 7.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep but it kind of puffs out & looks much bigger.

Here it is open with plenty of room inside:

And here's a front shot:

She drew the phonebox on the front pocket.

The outside is actually an unfinished tote bag that was in the WIP pile for her. It's black cotton that I had interfaced and sewn into a bag shape. I just took a bigger seam across the points to make it square instead of rectangular. I bought a round and rectangular piece of plastic canvas, trimmed, then layered them to make the bottom stiff. The round one felt sturdier but I wanted nice straight sides. I hand-stitched them together then I stitched them in place.

I used some silver ironing board fabric & layered it with 2 pieces of batting to make the inside. This is where the hard part came in, I then decided to topstitch the seam allowances open so it would fit smoothly in the outer layer. Even with two sides open, there wasn't much space to fit all those thick layers under the presser foot. Next time I would stitch the seams to the right side and cover them with a binding, it would be much easier on a home machine. The top of the outer layer is then folded over twice to cover the inner layer 1 inch.

The original tote bag was much taller and I had to trim it 2 inches for this so I used the trimmings for the handles since they were already interfaced. They are the best handles I've ever made! I folded each side into the middle and secured it with a thin strip of interfacing and did the same to some of the red fabric cut 1.5 inches wide. I then top-stitched the red fabric onto the black and I made great sturdy handles!

The drawstring top on the bag was inspired by this lunchbox on Oh, Fransson! I didn't read her tutorial but I checked out the pictures on her Flicker group and loved how it all bunched together on the inside to close it. It's a simple drawstring band tucked under the self binding then the handles were layered on top of the band and also under the binding. I top-stitched it all together a 1/4 inch from the top and bottom then flipped the handles up and top-stitched them in place to stand up.

This took me three days! I think next time I'll buy one. The only thing is that this reflects her more than any we saw in the store this year. I just hope it holds up. I'm worn out now but I kind of want to make my own now.

Aug 24, 2010

First Hexies

These are my first hexies. I made them while my son was having his music lesson last Friday. The background is supposed to be white but it wouldn't come out right: (ETA: I've replaced the picture with a better one)

They are to make this hexie holder from Connecting Threads and are 3/4 inch on one side. I tried to start putting the inside of the tote together and found I didn't like it very much. I had previously bought a cool box from the school supply area to hold them while my tote was being worked on. The box is working out great so these will probably end up in another mini quilt instead.

I find it so relaxing that I put together a few more the other night before bed when I couldn't get my mind to shut up, then I slept extremely hard. At least all the basting is making good use of all the thread I bought from them.

Aug 19, 2010


I'm so busy with sewing and back to school. I also feel like I can't get enough sleep. The other day I felt like I barely made it back from the grocery store and everyday at work I get worn out earlier than usual. I just keep saying "School starts Tuesday" then I'll be able to collapse without anyone home during the day, or stay up and sew ^_^

My week started out with my mini quilt. I got all the blocks pieced and played around with the setting. I thought I took pictures of different setting but I guess i didn't.

The blocks:

They are about 3.75 inches square. The last seams went together so fast I was surprised to see it finished. I now see why a lot of mini quilt makers sew a 1/4 inch seam and then trim it to 1/8 inch. My 1/8 inch seams were a bit inconsistent and I had to back a few with interfacing because the fabric was unraveling weird and I didn't want to get a hole. But I'm happy with these.

Aug 13, 2010

The Quilt Show

I just finished watching The Quilt Show's latest free episode featuring the gorgeous quilts of Philippa Naylor. She has some amazing bright and colorful quilts! Her quilting and trapunto are exquisite and she shares her techniques and tips in this episode. The best tip I saw was what she uses for gripping the fabric for machine quilting. Here's a screen cap:

It's that drawer liner stuff that looks like a puffy web and grips. I'm so excited about this tip! No more hot gloves in the Texas heat for me! She just cuts a piece 4in by 6in and places her left hand on top of it and grasps the fabric with her right hand to move it. I'm going out to get some today!

She also shared her experiences of living in Saudi Arabia for 15 years, it was enlightening, to say the least, and took a tour of some of the vendors at the Houston International Quilt Festival after the show. It was a really great episode and has inspired me to try trapunto, someday ^_^

My mini quilt is coming together nicely. I hope to have more pictures tomorrow.

Aug 12, 2010

Making a mini quilt....

Here's the 2-patches that have already been paired into 4-patches:

The strips were originally cut 1 1/4 inches to make a small coin block, that never got made, long before the BOM, which is what I'm using these fabrics for now. I cut some strips out of the Kona white and tried to sew them with an 1/8 inch seam. It turns out the 1/8 inch mark on my presser foot wasn't accurate and they ended up smaller than they should.  I have carried on though and turned these into 4-patches, which I'll now have to trim to 2 inches square, and make sure my next seams are a true 1/8 inch. The 4-patches will then be turned into 12 16-patches that I'm going to play with to figure out a setting for my quilt. I've been having loads of fun with this! I think a mini quilt is a perfect idea for all the hot weather we've been experiencing here in Texas.

Aug 10, 2010

Quilt setting

I used Inkscape to make a layout for my BOM quilt:

I really liked this one! Maybe I need to make a mini mock up to test out how it looks.

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Aug 9, 2010

Finished a top!

I've finished piecing the top for my Halloween wall hanging.

Right now it's about 22 inches wide and over 50 inches long. I'm going to trim it down to a rectangle but not soon. It's too hot too handle all that fabric right now and I'm short on sleep and will be for a few days. As it is, I'm not sure I've done it well but I'll figure it out when I'm more alert.

It's so hot here in Texas that biggish projects aren't very appealing right now.  It was uncomfortable under all the fabric when I was piecing the long sashings on. I'm thinking of working on something smaller or turning my [info]blockofthemonth round 4 project into a quilt-as-you-go project. I'd like to get a book on the subject first to decide how to go about it and whether to machine or hand quilt it.

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Aug 8, 2010

On a roll...

I've so gotten into sewing this week that I've often forgotten to eat! It totally satisfies my cravings. Here's what I've done:

My Halloween quilt is coming along. I'm trying to get the bat fabric to go in one direction and the angles I have to cut are weird but it's coming along. This is my layout so far:

Some of the pieces have been sewn together on the diagonal. I'm hopefully going to work more on this today.

I'm joining the [info]blockofthemonth group (on Live Journal) this round and I'm so excited! This is my first BOM, here's my fabrics:

I used the B&W filter on my camera phone to take the second picture. The B&W photo shows the color values of my choices. That is one of my favorite tips that I saw/read somewhere along the way.

These fabrics were given to me by my MIL. She made sets of decorative napkins out of them and I got a ton of leftovers. This BOM inspired me to use them, as soon as I saw it I knew I had the perfect set of fabrics. All I  bought was some Kona solid white. Here's my first block:

I'm making the 16.5 inch blocks. It's huge! I love it! I hope to really get all of the colors into the whole thing so it looks balanced because this one looks a bit weird by itself.

Another tip I'd like to share is to not waste those leftover bits from the flying geese units. I pieced them as the directions said by positioning a square over the rectangle and sewing on the diagonal of the square. Then I draw a line 1/2 inch away from the stitched line, in the section that is going to get cut off, and stitch on that. When I cut between them, I now have a flying geese unit and two half square triangles. Here's a picture of my leftovers from the block above, they're 3.75 inches square:

I don't know what I'm going to do with them but they look cute as pinwheels and will go into a pile of scraps that just this quilt is going to make. Maybe they'll go into the borders. Anyways, I can't wait till next month!

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Aug 4, 2010

Quilts: a finish, a modification & a WIP

Finished: The Maneki Neko quilt from Fat Cat Patterns is done!

He's hanging on the wall and hopefully welcoming the money into our home ^_^ This was a fun quick project. I learned a lot and he's cute. I didn't do much quilting within his body because I didn't know what type of filler would work and if I could do it well. I followed the lines in the background print for the quilting outside the cat like a 5 year old but I'm still happy with the practice. I quilted scales on the fish and heavily lined the mouth and collar to make the rest of the cat pop out. I would never give this away because of the inexpensive fabrics involved. The fish was made with a higher quality scrap and it fused better and didn't fall apart when I quilted around the edges, unlike the white. Quality is worth the price. Next time I'll try not to skimp. It's 12.5 inches square which I think is a perfect size for me to try new techniques.

Modification?: My labyrinth quilt got an upgrade:

I took it off the wall to put up the Maneki Neko and decided to add the echo quilting to it. The fabric was starting to sag around the labyrinth where I hadn't quilted it and I think I caught it just in time. I don't know what to call that because it was previously "finished". I really need to make another of these with more presentable techniques.

and finally a WIP:

This is my current project. These are some diamonds I pieced from the leftovers of my Halloween Lone Star strips. I trimmed them up and cut some sashing. Today is the perfect day to piece it because it's HOT!  I'm going to piece them in an X with sashing and add some of the bat fabric, also used in the other quilt, to make it a rectangle wallhanging or table runner.

Wow! I hope this creativity keeps coming.

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Aug 3, 2010

Pineapples and Lucky Cats

I think I need to practice updating more often and in smaller bits. I've been thinking it over the past couple of days and realized I was going to make one giant post after the project I'm making is done. I need to either make posts more often during the progress or cut to the basics so it doesn't take over an hour for me to write up a post. I'm normally much more succinct verbally but tend to type up a storm.

Sunday we picked up a small pineapple on sale at the grocery store. It tasted so good it was gone in a day. Last year, I had found some information online about growing the pineapple top. I searched around and found this page:
My pineapple top is drying out now and will hopefully get planted.

I have a bit of a brown thumb but this looks doable. If it doesn't work out, I'll try again with the next pineapple.

On the quilting front, I'm in the middle of an applique' project. It's my first. I decided to do it when I was looking at Fat Cat Patterns' website and saw how simple their patterns looked and they were free! I decided on the Maneki Neko, Lucky Cat, pattern because who couldn't use more luck? The Maneki Neko is a darling welcomer of luck and money in Japan and ceramic statues can be found in every business and as the Fat Cat Patterns logo. Me and my kids went to a Japanese dollar like store in Houston and now I regret not picking one up. When I saw this pattern, after we came back, I knew it would be my first fusible applique' project.

Here's my pattern, all taped up, and the fabrics I choose to do the cat in on the left. The background will be the red print on the right. I just picked the FQs up at JoAnn's when we were there the other day. I have a tendency to use inexpensive fabric the first time around on a project.
My daughter auditioned where the brown and orange brown were going on the cat in Photoshop. She's fortunately a wiz at it and it's faster than cutting extra pieces that won't be used.

So with everything together, I got to tracing and cutting out my fusible web pieces and noticed my first mistake: I didn't take off the scaling when I printed out my patterns. It wasn't a big deal though because as you can see from the taped pattern, it's almost 12 inches square so I'm still going to put it in a 12 inch background.

My second mistake became evident when I started fusing my fabric pieces together. The inexpensive white fabric was so thin that it didn't cover the dark pieces underneath. I'm letting that go as a learning experience. I did some topstitching over the white to distract the eye from the shadows underneath and trimmed the fish body under the paw. Next time I'll use better fabric.

I added the whiskers with some topstitching and in the eyes also. It's layered with batting and backing and I'm in the middle of quilting it. I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Jul 29, 2010

Home again, home again...

Our trip to visit family in Houston was great. Everyone loved the little quilt I made for my Niece's baby. I'm sure they're all wondering when they'll get theirs next. Well, they can keep wondering. Here's the best picture I took. I hope they send me one with the baby, probably in the winter.

Due to limited funds we went to art museums while we were there because they were free. Houston has lots of them for free or free days during the week and I think I've seen my share of art for the month. I have had art overload! All the art has inspired me to keep sewing, which is a very good thing.

Here are a couple of things I've sewn since I've been back, and after finishing 3 days worth of laundry:

This is a 12.5 inch block made of batiks that I picked up at a local quilt store one day. They had a BOM program but I didn't go back for the rest. I really like this one because the centers of both my four-patch units and hourglass units came out perfectly! It's going to get donated, along with a few others, to make Project Linus quilts.

These are 5 of 6 diamond blocks I made from the leftover strip sets for the Halloween Lone Star quilt I gave to my MIL. I finally cut and put them together this week. I don't think they went together as well this time around but I wasn't as fussy about it either. I think I'm going to set  the 5 in an X with thin black sashings and make a wall hanging for myself.

I'm looking for more patchwork to do and I can't seem to settle on anything. I have 2 kits my MIL bought me that I can start. One is a small applique wall hanging that I did the tracing for but then put it all away. The other is a pattern that I can start cutting but I'm not that interested in starting it right this moment. Then I found Fat Cat Patterns today and all the free patterns and BOMs that they have. There are a few I'd like to do but I feel hesitant. They're mostly applique and I want to do patchwork. Then there's all the fabric sitting around that I can work with but haven't. It's so hard to decide! I've got too many monkeys running around in my head.

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Jul 7, 2010

Unintentional hiatus

I really didn't mean to be gone so long. I lost my password, but then I wasn't sewing anything of worth to post about anyway. I do step back from posting more often than I think I care to admit but I don't think I've ever gone this long before, 5 months, without posting. I must admit I got drawn into my other favorite internet pastime, reading fan fiction. Then the fun wore off and I got back into quilting and sewing, which also seems to prompt me to share what I've done.

The baby quilt I was working on should have been finished a long time ago but I've just recently put together the blocks without the border.

This is my final placement of the blocks and shows the colors very nicely. It was on my wall at this point.

Feb 11, 2010

Record snow fall in DFW!

It's been the largest amount of snow in 32 years falling all over the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex today. Some people have said they've lived here since the 30's and 40's and have never seen this kind of snow. It's a once in a generation occurrence and we're here to witness it. It's pretty awesome when you think about it. We put a ruler outside earlier today to measure it.


This 12 inch ruler showed about 8 inches at noon today and it hasn't stopped snowing. I looked outside earlier and the ruler had disappeared under the snow by 8 pm. The snow is still going strong now at 10 pm and isn't supposed to end until after 2 am in my area. I think if we were getting our normal heavy winds, it would have been a blizzard today. Fortunately the winds were light and our power didn't go out.

There was so much snow we didn't have to settle for making a snowman today. My husband and kids made a snow beast. It was supposed to be a moose but we didn't have antlers/horns. Then it was supposed to be a cow but I only had green and blue to color it with so it ended up looking more like a dragon. It's eyes are circles I cut out of leftover black fleece. He's about 5 feet tall.

 I only got about half of my blocks pieced, which wasn't much, but we had fun today so I guess that's what counts. Another ruler in snow picture tomorrow. Maybe I'll also finally get a good picture of the finished quilt too.

Feb 6, 2010

One quilt finished & a new project

I finished my son's quilt on Wednesday! I wanted to post a picture today but the weather wasn't cooperating with us. We took it out yesterday to get a picture because it was a beautiful sunny day but the wind kept catching it. Hopefully we'll be able to do it tomorrow when we'll have an extra person to help. Look for a long post on that soon.

Meanwhile I've started on a baby quilt for my niece.  Here's what I had a couple of days ago:

Two sets of four patches and all the strips pieced.

Feb 1, 2010

Quilt art

My daughter had a quilting project in art class. Actually, it was a painting project that used quilt blocks. They were to pick 4 quilt blocks and place them in the order the teacher wanted. The teacher also had rules about the colors and tints. They were supposed to pick 3 colors and 1 tint. She obviously hadn't quilted before. My daughter broke the rules anyways and made tints of 2 of the colors. I think she knew instinctively that the colors would blend too closely together. She is the real artist in the family. This project was done in December so she thought she would be able to give it to me for Christmas. It was chosen to be displayed in the main hallway and stayed at school. Friday she got in the the car after school and said "Merry Christmas!" and gave it to me. I love it and pinned it up this weekend in my quilting space. I know it's going to call to me to make it into a fabric quilt one day.


Edited 2/6/2010 with a picture that better represents the colors.

Jan 27, 2010

My workhorses

These are my two wonderful machines that I do my piecing and quilting on:


A look back: Halloween Lone Star

I made this quilt for my MIL. She loves decorating for Halloween, she's sews also and I knew she would love and appreciate this wall quilt. She showed it to everyone:

Jan 25, 2010

A look back: some recent finishes....

that took a long time to complete. These two quilts had been languishing in my UFO (Un-Finished Objects) pile for quite a long time. The reason was because I had the intention of working on them by hand. I really don't have much patience recently to finish them so when my husband bought and fixed my Necchi last year I used it to finish these by machine and get them out of the pile. The first is a labyrinth quilt:

A look back: baby quilt #1

This is the first baby quilt I ever made and it never got delivered:

A look back: the purple Harry Potter quilt

I don't remember when I made this quilt and I haven't hung it up in a very long while but it was one of my very firsts.  It's a very small purple and red-violet Irish chain quilt. The reason it's a Harry Potter quilt is because I embroidered some symbols familiar in the early Harry Potter books into the open spaces: