Feb 11, 2010

Record snow fall in DFW!

It's been the largest amount of snow in 32 years falling all over the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex today. Some people have said they've lived here since the 30's and 40's and have never seen this kind of snow. It's a once in a generation occurrence and we're here to witness it. It's pretty awesome when you think about it. We put a ruler outside earlier today to measure it.


This 12 inch ruler showed about 8 inches at noon today and it hasn't stopped snowing. I looked outside earlier and the ruler had disappeared under the snow by 8 pm. The snow is still going strong now at 10 pm and isn't supposed to end until after 2 am in my area. I think if we were getting our normal heavy winds, it would have been a blizzard today. Fortunately the winds were light and our power didn't go out.

There was so much snow we didn't have to settle for making a snowman today. My husband and kids made a snow beast. It was supposed to be a moose but we didn't have antlers/horns. Then it was supposed to be a cow but I only had green and blue to color it with so it ended up looking more like a dragon. It's eyes are circles I cut out of leftover black fleece. He's about 5 feet tall.

 I only got about half of my blocks pieced, which wasn't much, but we had fun today so I guess that's what counts. Another ruler in snow picture tomorrow. Maybe I'll also finally get a good picture of the finished quilt too.


  1. Oh boy! My heart goes out to all of you with snow who are not used to it. I grew up in the snow belt of upstate New York and am now in CA. Do not miss the snow and if I want to ski it is only a few hours to drive.

    I enjoyed your blog and really liked the various quilts you are working on. Very inspiring for me. Thank you!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner but I took a break from posting.

    I'm glad I inspired you! There are so many blogs around the internet that inspire me so I just had to share too :oD


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