Jul 7, 2010

Unintentional hiatus

I really didn't mean to be gone so long. I lost my password, but then I wasn't sewing anything of worth to post about anyway. I do step back from posting more often than I think I care to admit but I don't think I've ever gone this long before, 5 months, without posting. I must admit I got drawn into my other favorite internet pastime, reading fan fiction. Then the fun wore off and I got back into quilting and sewing, which also seems to prompt me to share what I've done.

The baby quilt I was working on should have been finished a long time ago but I've just recently put together the blocks without the border.

This is my final placement of the blocks and shows the colors very nicely. It was on my wall at this point.

Here it is all pieced together. I love how it ended up making an X's and O's kind of pattern. The blocks are 12 inch Jacob's Ladder.
I had to go out last weekend to buy fabric for the borders and binding. The blue in this quilt is a very nice clear blue and the yellow was also clear and bright. I took small scraps to the fabric store to match them but couldn't find a nice strong blue that wasn't indigo or a yellow that didn't look orange so I settled for matching the green and a dark indigo for the binding.

Speaking of the binding, today I made it. It's one of the most tedious parts for me. I know if I didn't do it before I add the borders, I would find it 10 times more of a challenge if it's not ready to go when I'm ready to finish the quilt. I'm just going to add a simple border of maybe 3 inches around and then layer it so I can hopefully get it finished before I go to visit my family on the 17th.

I'm really eager to finish this so that when I get back I can start on a kit I received for Christmas.

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