Feb 16, 2011

Bright quilt warning - shade your eyes

I'm suffering from a headache right now but I had to post.

I finished my quilt top! I must have been really inspired because I designed & made it in 3 days! I even had work 2 of those days. Of course it's just 22 inches square but it's still complete. Here it is

Hmmm, now that I look at the picture, it looks a bit wavy on the edges. I have to admit I practically slapped the borders on. But I love the way it came out! The colors are very loud but I used these in combination with white recently and thought they might lend themselves to a 2 color quilt. Now I wish I put some white in there, at least it's a small quilt. I'm hoping to quilt it sometime this weekend. I'll probably just sandwich, sew & turn it out with the batting & backing because I don't feel like making binding.

I think I needed this bright quilt to come out of the cold winter & the hard times we've had lately. I can't wait to use my Tri-Recs rulers again, on a bed size quilt next time.

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