Feb 7, 2011

It's been a hard few months...but I survived!

Well I'm back, I think. The main reason I've been gone is because I work retail and this Holiday season the store I work at did better than most. Then some unexpected family complications kept me away from sewing and the computer for a few more weeks until we got iced in.

We're expecting another wave of snow Wednesday and I'm kind of sick of it. I'm glad I don't live or moved further north because I don't understand how y'all deal with it. I hope everyone snowed under multiple feet of snow since Christmas are staying sane, healthy & warm.

I did, at least, finally got back to a sewing machine while we were iced in. I finished 4 of these blocks from the [info]blockofthemonth  group. I just need two more to catch back up. I'm really happy that my skills are better than I remembered!

I hope I can keep up posting more but only time will tell. I feel really unsettled and scatterbrained so I won't be surprised if it takes me another month to post.

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