Aug 19, 2010


I'm so busy with sewing and back to school. I also feel like I can't get enough sleep. The other day I felt like I barely made it back from the grocery store and everyday at work I get worn out earlier than usual. I just keep saying "School starts Tuesday" then I'll be able to collapse without anyone home during the day, or stay up and sew ^_^

My week started out with my mini quilt. I got all the blocks pieced and played around with the setting. I thought I took pictures of different setting but I guess i didn't.

The blocks:

They are about 3.75 inches square. The last seams went together so fast I was surprised to see it finished. I now see why a lot of mini quilt makers sew a 1/4 inch seam and then trim it to 1/8 inch. My 1/8 inch seams were a bit inconsistent and I had to back a few with interfacing because the fabric was unraveling weird and I didn't want to get a hole. But I'm happy with these.

I tried a few setting with sashings and this illustrates what I'm thinking for my BOM blocks:

I think this picture got flipped 180 degrees. The open corners are supposed to be on the upper right and lower left with strips of white to make the blocks "float" and a scrappy border. The reason I don't have sashing here is because my full size blocks are 16 inches finished and it would make a very large quilt with extra sashing. I may put sashing into this quilt however. Each color is evenly in this quilt 8 times. I don't think that will happen with my BOM so I'll have to see what happens there. I also only have yardage of the lime green so that may have to be my border.

Then I worked on a tote bag for my son's music books. Jo Ann's had 50% off their prints last weekend so we went out and bought the fabrics for a tote for him. It took a lot longer than I expected but it's ready for class on Friday.

It's about 16 inches square with a 7.5 inch front pocket and long straps for slinging on the shoulder. The 3 fabrics all have music notations on them and it should be reversible because I used french seams.

Then I surfed the web and came up with some great ideas, again.

I found this whole site,  , and they have some great tutorials.

EPP hexagons
Cathedral Windows by machine
Super fast jelly roll quilt

I want to start doing hexies during my son's music lesson, make a CW for a Winter wallhanging and maybe the Jelly Roll quilt out of fabrics from Connecting Thread where they have just lowered their prices and added batiks!

I also found this thread about using patterns in a magazine for shows that was very enlightening and led to this link:

That led to a whole site about pattern copyrights. The basic gist of it is no one can copyright a pattern, only the images and instructions they print. No one can tell you what to do with the end product, once you buy the patten, fabric, etc. it's yours to do with as you please.  Also that a standard disclaimer saying the product was homemade with so and so's fabric should be enough to keep you OK. My husband strengthened this point by telling me that's why reverse engineering is legal. You can go to the site and get lots of details and their own stories about fighting major corps, including Disney, that wanted to stop the sale of items made from licensed products. BTW the license does not extend to the purchaser.

Next week, or maybe after, I hope to post more as my kids are starting school. I might be able to start posting bento lunches also. Of course this is going to be a crazy year for us, it's my daughter's Senior year of HS and she's taking 5 AP courses! We'll see how it all goes.

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