Aug 4, 2010

Quilts: a finish, a modification & a WIP

Finished: The Maneki Neko quilt from Fat Cat Patterns is done!

He's hanging on the wall and hopefully welcoming the money into our home ^_^ This was a fun quick project. I learned a lot and he's cute. I didn't do much quilting within his body because I didn't know what type of filler would work and if I could do it well. I followed the lines in the background print for the quilting outside the cat like a 5 year old but I'm still happy with the practice. I quilted scales on the fish and heavily lined the mouth and collar to make the rest of the cat pop out. I would never give this away because of the inexpensive fabrics involved. The fish was made with a higher quality scrap and it fused better and didn't fall apart when I quilted around the edges, unlike the white. Quality is worth the price. Next time I'll try not to skimp. It's 12.5 inches square which I think is a perfect size for me to try new techniques.

Modification?: My labyrinth quilt got an upgrade:

I took it off the wall to put up the Maneki Neko and decided to add the echo quilting to it. The fabric was starting to sag around the labyrinth where I hadn't quilted it and I think I caught it just in time. I don't know what to call that because it was previously "finished". I really need to make another of these with more presentable techniques.

and finally a WIP:

This is my current project. These are some diamonds I pieced from the leftovers of my Halloween Lone Star strips. I trimmed them up and cut some sashing. Today is the perfect day to piece it because it's HOT!  I'm going to piece them in an X with sashing and add some of the bat fabric, also used in the other quilt, to make it a rectangle wallhanging or table runner.

Wow! I hope this creativity keeps coming.

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