Sep 16, 2010

Hexies and a new vintage machine

I've worked on my hexies and I've gotten them all basted. Here are the next ones I've worked on:

And here they are all together, I think that's a nickle in there:

I've tried placing them into matching rows but it looks too uniform:

Then I tried flowers which I like but they don't really sing to me:

I'm working on them tomorrow at my son's music class so I'll sew them into flowers but I think I'm going to make a garland out of them for my sewing room. I don't know if I'll attach them end to end or maybe on a fake vine. Either way, I'm going to back them and either stuff them or batt and quilt them, most likely by hand.

BTW my husband came home with a Necchi type 565 yesterday from the charity store for $15! We believe it was one of the first to be made in Japan since I believe the 555 was still made in Italy and this one doesn't say "Made in Italy" anywhere, though the motor and bobbin hook say that specifically. He's opened it up and oiled everything. It does have plastic parts and the weirdest bobbin case I've seen.  Some of the plastic has come off of the bobbin case or it's damaged in some other way and the only problem we're having is the top thread seems to get hung up on it often and then we get thread buildup underneath. It has several built in stitches and a low/high speed control, and boy can it go fast! It looks like it'll be a great machine for as long as it lasts, once we fix it's issues. It also came in it's own little table with an inch measuring strip printed on it in front of the machine. I'll have to get it back together & take pictures to share next week.

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