Sep 20, 2010

I finally made myself a new bag

I got into my sewing space this weekend to make my self a grab bag from All People to a .pdf file). I used some black denim I've had for ever and the leftover red tone on tone, from my daughter's lunchbag, for the lining.

And looped closed:

The denim is very stiff and unsuitable for clothes but perfect for a bag. The original option was to use 2 quilting cottons and batting in between but I didn't want the extra work on the first one I made.   I did do extra work anyways because I zigzagged the edges to finish them. The seam allowance was only a 1/4 inch and I was afraid it would fray too easy. Next time I'll use the same pattern but take a 1/2 inch seam allowance, there's plenty of room for it.

I like this bag because there are no separate straps to make which makes it quicker to sew. The handles on this one are funny, IMHO, to sew together but come out awesome. I would recommend basting the loop parts before stitching them closed. Next time I'm going to try to close up the straps the way I've seen it done on a Burda Charlie Bag with a lining added. You sew up one side of the handle to the end, on both sides, then line up the ends & stitch them closed going from the lining to the outer fabric, or vise versa, without stopping so you only have to turn under & stitch down one side to close it. It's hard to explain but should make finishing easier. I also skipped the pockets, I didn't feel a need for them.

I think I will make this one from cotton with the batting soon. I'd love to have one in Day of the Dead fabric for October.

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