Sep 9, 2010

My son is away at camp with school this week so I managed to get in 15 minutes of play today but it turned into an hour and all I got put together was this bit of a crazy block from scraps

This was my first time doing it. I read about it within the last couple of weeks and decided to go for it today because I haven't sewn for myself in ages! I really didn't want to work on a "project" either so I just sewed some scraps onto a dryer sheet. I will never use a dryer sheet again. I've read in several places over the years that you can do this but I had a few problems. I tried to iron my used dryer sheets because they come out of the dryer all wrinkly, I guess they get rid of them from your clothes by absorption. ^_^ My iron was too hot no matter what setting it was on and they left a lot of gunk on it. I gave that up and used it with all the wrinkles in it, after destroying 3 with the iron. Then, I wanted to piece a fairly large piece and the dryer sheet wasn't as big so I ended up trimming it off at the seam allowances. So in the future, I think I'll use a very light non-fusible interfacing if I think I need an extra base at all. I don't know how this will be used in the end but I plan to square it up and make more for something quick and brainless to sew on the machine and to use up my small scraps. Hopefully next time it won't take an hour.

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