Mar 31, 2011

Got some use from my Slice die cutter...

Me & the kids played around with the Slice machine after working on a project for my 10 yo son. He did a research project on VCU for March Madness. He had to put it on a poster board so we got out the Slice and cut some letters and circles out of cardstock. I bought this great stack of solid color cardstock at Target, 72 12" X 12" sheets in 18 colors, for under $8. I got sticker shock when I saw the price per sheet at the craft store and invested in these instead. I'm glad I'm not getting into scrapbooking, I thought fabric was expensive, sheesh.  Here's his poster (sorry for the blurry picture):

We cut the letters and orange circles from the basic design card, which happened to match the font the school uses. My daughter drew the black lines on with a Sharpie then we added some double sided tape to the back and stuck them all on. The two images at the bottom were printed from the website, cut out and glued on.

I have to backtrack and show how this started. When you prep the cutting mat to cut on, you put some watery tacky adhesive on it that is supposed to keep the paper in place but not stick to it. Well, this only works when you give it enough time to dry. Otherwise, this happens:

The sticky stuff ends up on the back of the paper where you don't want it. Well, lesson learned. There was fortunately enough glue left on the cutting mat to finish the poster and cut some extra pieces.

We cut some designs from the Vintage Findings card (click for larger):

These were fun. The crown was 4 inches, the maximum size, and we think would look good on a Mardi Gras quilt. The pocket watch was a fun outline, there were watch hands but for some reason no one wanted them. The fleur-de- lis that is upside down in the upper right corner made a fun mustache. The frame is an awesome and intricate cut I couldn't imagine doing by hand. Then there are a pointing hand, some angel wings, a butterfly and a 1" crown along with some of the odds and ends. Then the kids left.

I cut out a few more things then cut this 4" flower last

This would be perfect cut out of fusible backed fabric to make flowers or leaves for applique. I really like this machine but I'm still playing with it. I haven't designed anything that would actually use pieces cut from it, yet.

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