Mar 30, 2011

Spending spree (pic heavy)...

It seems I've been on a spending spree on quilt rulers over the past few weeks. I blame my MIL for my recent spending last week but I think it started at Valentines Day when my husband bought me these rulers I had been salivating over.

Then my MIL came into town for spring break and decided to buy quilting supplies for her & her sister so they can start quilting at JoAnn's. Shopping with her always makes me want to buy something for myself so I got the Easy Angle because Bonnie Hunter recommended it

and a Double Wedding Ring template set that was on clearance from $30 down to $8!

I stopped at the checkout to make sure it was complete, the bag was torn on one side. It turned out that one of the small pieces was missing so I got it at 1/2 off so it was only $4 and there was a drawing of the template in the book so I'm not really missing any pieces! I have to tell you I'm glad I started quilting 10 years ago! The prices for equipment seem so high! I think if I had to start all over again right now that I wouldn't be able to afford it. It may also be that JoAnn's has inflated their prices because of their change of owner and policies.

Well, I noticed that the quilting notions were on sale 1/2 price while we were there, for 1 week only, so when I got paid I ran back and got a few more things,


an Easy Dresden Quilt ruler to make this awesome block I saw online, Invisigrip (something brand new to me, this is my second roll and I love it!), a new seam ripper for me and one for my daughter and the Butterick patterns were $2 so I got a few to make bags. They weren't exactly what I was looking for but they're cute and only $2! Yeah, that's my standard excuse this time, "Everything was $2 or half off!" Really, being around my MIL makes me want to shop. I haven't bought this many quilting things in one trip in forever!

I have been inspired by the packaging for the Tri-Recs rulers, however.

I'd like to make a fish quilt using this idea but bed size, not a wall hanging. I pictured and measured the fabric I have for it. It was purchased like 10 years ago to make into a quilt that never got beyond the design stage. I hope that doesn't happen again this time. I figured I have over 21 yards in a beautiful bright rainbow of colors! Here's a pic of my graph paper sketches of 12 inch blocks. (click for a larger pic)

From here I'll draw up the pattern in Inkscape to scale and play with the placement of the blocks. This is going to be one of my most challenging design projects to date. I plan on having the "water" shade from light turquoise to dark purple with the fishes scattered throughout. This is the inspiration fabric, a multi-colored batik in dark blue

So, that's what I'm up to now. I hope to post again with an update soon.

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  1. Which piece are you missing from your Omnigrid Double Wedding Ring templates? I actually bought a second set because I lost one of them at some point, and technically have extra pieces. I might be able to make it so that you're not missing any!


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