Mar 1, 2011

Nothin' much doin'

I'm trying to post/document my sewing more often. Today, all I have is a list of stuff I bought to sew with but haven't done any sewing, yet. Actually, I repaired a car seat cover for my husband this weekend but that doesn't really count because it wasn't for me.

I scored some $2/yard flannel solids from Jo Ann's last week when they were on sale, about 5 yards. They're for the backing of my daughter's quilt. I looked at the backing and realized I probably didn't need that much. I wish I had had the money to get more. With the price of cotton ready to go up, who knows what it will cost next year.

Also at Jo Ann's, I bought some muslin and Warm & White batting to start the quilting on my BOM blocks. I brought a 40% & 50% coupon with me and told the cashier I specifically wanted the 50% coupon used on the batting. That evening, I looked over my purchases and the receipt and noticed the 40% came off the batting and the 50% came off of the much cheaper muslin. Jo Ann's used to use the bigger discount on the larger purchase price but I guess that policy has changed. I had heard they were bought by a new company back in December so I guess this is one of the changes being brought about. I'm glad I only had the two items to use the coupons on and that I only bought 1 yard of the batting other wise I could have really gotten the short end of the stick. Now I know to only go & get the one item with the coupon, along with any sale item which aren't eligible, and just  go again later for anything else I want with a coupon. Fortunately, they are on the other side of the shopping center where I work so it's not a big hardship for me.

Today, I watched a video of Bonnie Hunter when she talked at a guild meeting in Fort Worth the other week and had a Doh! *headsmack* moment. I made my BOM blocks during our snow-in and I could've used her Leaders and Enders technique! I had some blocks in a box just for doing this in my sewing space & forgot all about them in the months I've not been able to sew. I brought them down today so I could use them. I still have 1.5 blocks to finish plus this month's should be posted soon. I could've finished the leader & ender blocks I already had prepared by now, if I had remembered, and started on another set.

So, now that I'm all ready to sew, I just need to do the dishes and maybe I'll have time tomorrow.

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