Feb 11, 2015

Dice Bags: the beginning (post #1)

I bought my son a game for Christmas:
As you can see, it comes with a lot of dice and you get more in the booster packs. 

We've been having a lot of fun playing it and we're thinking of taking it to the next level. There's a group that plays near us every Wednesday that we might go to. If we're going to take this on the road, and because I love geeky sewing, I gotta make us some dice bags!

So I headed on over to Fandom in Stitches' Comics/Games/Tech page to find some paper piecing patterns. This is the second edition of the game and is specifically called Uncanny X-men so I chose the X-men's symbol for the main bag to hold the shared part of the game. I love Iron Man so my bag is going to have the arc reactor paper pieced block on it. My son however likes Deadpool. They don't have a Deadpool block.  No problem. I did a search for his symbol and had my son choose the one he wanted.

I put it into Paint and got rid of a lot of the excess black. It printed out to about the same size as the 5 inch blocks so it's going to work perfectly! It looks simple enough to make an applique' out of it so that's the plan but I probably just jinxed myself there. This one will probably be the last one I make because I don't enjoy applique' much. I also don't like the look of fusible so I will probably hand stitch it on or possibly raw edge applique' it. I think the rough look of the edge would compliment Deadpool's scarred up exterior.

Then I searched for a dice bag tutorial and found this one that I liked a lot at Tally's Treasury. It's a sweet little round bottom drawstring bag that would be good for a lot of things besides dice. When open, it stands up nice to put your hand in or to see everything inside. I think I'm just going to have to add an extra inch or two to the height for the blocks and it should be good. Except that this game also includes character cards. I'm going to add a little pocket on the inside to hold them. I think behind the symbol would be nice so it will always show nice and flat. 

I've also recently bought some fusible fleece. I've never used it before but saw it used to make a nice reversible bag on You Tube. It gave the bag a bit of softness and helped it to stand. I'm thinking of using some of that on the bottom or behind the symbols. I haven't really decided.

This game also uses play mats that I could piece but I'm saving that project for another time.

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