Feb 17, 2015

Dice Bags: X-Men block (post #3)

I shouldn't have started this project on a day I wasn't feeling the best but I thought it would help spur me on to get something done. I started with the X-men symbol block because it was the simplest. I thought I knew what colors went where without looking at my notes and sewed on the wrong color.

There were only supposed to be the medium blue and yellow up to this point, not the dark blue. I jumped the gun on the last color. I reprinted my block out & started over because I just didn't want to rip out what I had done and it wasn't much anyway. Then I set it aside until I felt better.

This is what it should have looked like before. It's coming along better than I hoped. It looks really nice & round, for paper piecing, in this picture.

Then I had an allergy attack. Ugh I've been miserable but I finally finished it up yesterday!

This stage of paper piecing always gets to me. it's just such a mess I had to go and trim it up right away.

This is much better. I used the new Clover Wonder Clips to "pin" my pieces together and it worked really great. Sometimes, pinning through all that paper makes it tough to line the pieces up.

Here it is with the paper ripped out and pressed. On the next one, I think I'm going to extend the boarders so the symbol lays further from the edges of the block. There's only going to be 1/8 inches around it after it's pieced together.

I backed it with some scrap fabric and quilted it together to hold all the seams in place and make it more sturdy. It's 5 1/2 inches square with seam allowance. It doesn't look like the width of the "circle" is consistent the whole way around and both large parts were not identical but I can live with it. I don't think I'd want to make a quilt with this pattern because that keeps drawing my eye and it bugs me a bit.

I think I'm going to cut more of the dark blue fabric and give it a boarder before piecing it into the game bag.

You can find the paper piecing pattern on this page at Fandom in Stitches.

My first post with the links to all the patterns and tutorials I used for inspiration is here.

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