Feb 12, 2015

Dice Bags: picking fabrics (post #2)

I'm making some dice bags for me & my son. You can find the links for the patterns and paper piecing on this post. I really started on this project a while ago up to this point. Then the woven hearts took me on a detour.

 I had no problem picking fabrics for this project and they all came fro my stash! I had the red and black and white for Deadpool. 

I turned on Iron Man 3 to find the right color for the arc reactor block. I took a crappy picture on my cell phone to use as a rough reference. I never noticed it was brighter on the outer rim then faded darker toward the center. A lot of the photos online are mostly homemade ones that are bright all over or show bright spots from the LEDs inside. I have this great gradient with an aqua that will be perfect for this. Along with the black, it should work but I might throw in this grey for the lines in the center.

The X-Men block was the easiest to choose for. I used to watch the cartoon in the 90's so I'm a big fan of the yellow and blue symbol. Some symbols that came up in the search had red in it but I don't want it to be too primary colored.

I found out that I had two comic book fabrics from JoAnn's that I picked up last year.

 I wanted to make a quilt out of them but it's just too perfect for this project. I'm either going to piece them on either side of my blocks, use it as the lining (it may be too busy), the bottom, or line the bag in black and use it for the card pocket inside. I'll probably pick up some more now that I have a use for just a little bit of it. 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy sewing!

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