Jan 24, 2010

Hello and welcome :o)

This blog is really stark right now but I like starting with a blank page, whether virtual or paper. This is my first post on my new quilting blog. I have an old blog on Live Journal that I hope to also keep updating with my quilting progress. I came to Blogger because I saw there were a great many quilters here and I'd like to comment on the ones that only let other Blogger accounts comment.

I'm a  35 year old mother of two and I've been quilting and sewing for 10 years. In 2009 my husband bought and fixed a vintage Necchi BU sewing machine for me and that has been the answer to my prayers. My previous two machines have not been able to tackle the job of quilting adequately. My new machine quilts like a dream. I piece my quilts on a vintage Singer Rocketeer, also known as a 503a. I love my vintage machines and while I now have my set up complete, I can see myself delving further into the charm and usefulness of vintage sewing machines.

My current WIP is a full size quilt for my son that I have been working on for 5 years. Many of those years, the quilt has been put aside because I lacked tools, skills, bravery, you get the idea, but this winter I finally pulled it out and said to myself "No more excuses!" and I've made great progress on it, completing the top and getting it mostly quilted so far. The next up is a baby quilt and then I'm tackling my daughter's king size quilt that has also been in waiting in the wings for 5 years. I'm really excited to complete some very large projects and the freedom to design more.

I am starting to embrace every aspect of the quilting process from designing to quilting and I can't wait to see where this is going to take me. Before I get there, I'll post about a few of my older quilts and reflect back on my workmanship and how much I feel about them now. We can all see where I came from and lay a base for where I'm going. I hope to get those on before I finish my son's quilt which I feel is going to open a new year of incredible quilts for me.


  1. Hello! *waves*

    Looking forward to seeing what you post. :)

  2. Hi! I just realized I don't know how to reply! Thanks for commenting! I follow you over at LJ as user mariposaluna. I love your quilts!


Thanks for commenting! I hope to have a reply to you shortly but if not it's because I'm busy quilting.