Jan 25, 2010

A look back: some recent finishes....

that took a long time to complete. These two quilts had been languishing in my UFO (Un-Finished Objects) pile for quite a long time. The reason was because I had the intention of working on them by hand. I really don't have much patience recently to finish them so when my husband bought and fixed my Necchi last year I used it to finish these by machine and get them out of the pile. The first is a labyrinth quilt:

I had wonderful thoughts of working this all by hand when I conceived it but I gave up on that thought little by little. I made bias strips 1/4 inch wide and appliqued them in place by hand at first then I attached the second by machine. The thread didn't match exactly but I just wanted the bias on there so I could hand quilt it for practice. As you can see I used some large decorative stitches between the strips of bias and then started the process of quilting along the sides of the bias. I didn't get far before I gave up and put it away. When my Necchi became usable, I finished quilting the outlines and sewed on the binding. I now want to do all my binding by machine! It still needs a bit more quilting but it's hanging on my wall right now. It's about 18in by 18in.

This second one was another destined for a baby, my nephew, but never finished (until recently) or sent out.

I started hand quilting this one also and gave up. It was sitting in the UFO pile along with the blue labyrinth. It's just one large panel about 40in wide by 48 inches long. Again I finished it with the Necchi just to get it out of the pile. I machine quilted it using a free motion foot for the first time. Suffice it to say, it does not look professional but it's nice and warm and we use it.


  1. Hey the labyrinth quilt is gorgeous! What a really cool idea. I like the bias, and the stitching in the middle, and I absolutely LOVE the background fabric! It looks like hand dyed or silk or something. Very cool!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :oD

    I forgot to mention the background fabric was hand dyed by my husband. He has done some tie-dying and fabric dying for me & his mom but not any recently.


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