Jan 25, 2010

A look back: the purple Harry Potter quilt

I don't remember when I made this quilt and I haven't hung it up in a very long while but it was one of my very firsts.  It's a very small purple and red-violet Irish chain quilt. The reason it's a Harry Potter quilt is because I embroidered some symbols familiar in the early Harry Potter books into the open spaces:


then I stuffed them. There's a lighting bolt, two stars, a cauldron and a crescent moon. This quilt is much more densely quilted and you can see my seams and piecing in this photo with the light shining through. The borders are mitered and it hangs a bit wavy. The reason you can see through it is because I had no clue about quilt shops or what kind of quality I should look for in materials. It took me a long time to discover them. The tone on tones used in this one are not very exciting and it doesn't have a lot of contrast but the color makes it catch your eye. I'm thinking of making another Irish Chain quilt, in a larger scale, for my bed, in the future.

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