Jan 27, 2010

A look back: Halloween Lone Star

I made this quilt for my MIL. She loves decorating for Halloween, she's sews also and I knew she would love and appreciate this wall quilt. She showed it to everyone:

 The pattern and idea for this quilt came from a Quiltmaker Magazine. They showed a particular fabric line for it but also gave general colors for each of the fabrics needed. The original also had a border fabric for the border but I used a solid black.

This quilt came together very nicely. It was the first strip pieced Lone Star quilt I made and inspired me to buy Jan Krentz's book, Lone Star Quilts and Beyond. I haven't made another, yet ,but it is definitely on my radar
and I have one already designed I might make. Actually, my current WIP is a six point Lone Star but it wasn't strip pieced like in the book and magazine. This quilt was completed in August 2009 after getting my Necchi BU. I wish I quilted more in the borders but I had no clue what to do. I had just a small clue about free motion quilting, enough to know I couldn't do this one any justice. I may claim this one back to "finish" the borders one day when my skills improve. I still have about 5 extra diamond units of this that I want to make into my own Halloween quilt.

I must admit that I made this from inexpensive JoAnn's fabric and it did make the piecing more difficult than it could have been. This was pieced before I found quilt shops. I hope, since it should rarely get washed, that it lasts for a good long time.  

Here's a close up:

The piecing wasn't nearly as hard as it looks. There are 5 different strip sets of 5 fabrics. The strip size and number of different fabrics is so variable you can have a very large quilt done very easily. This pattern gives amazing, impressive quilts for less work than you think.

I love this type of star quilt. This is only the beginning of what you can do with these units. I love the ones framed with partial stars or that have extra stars in the setting squares. The book also shows pieced setting units that add even more excitement to this type of quilt. I'm sure I'll make many more of these. Just posting about it has made me want to get out the design sheets I copied out of the book and colored pencils.


  1. That is beautiful! I have been wanting to make a quilt that is basically one huge block.....just don't know how to go about it.

    How long have you been quilting? You do an amazing job!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and the complement. I've been "quilting" for 10 years. Most of that has been studying quilting and not actual projects but I've developed enough skill over that time for everything to finally gel for me.


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