Jan 25, 2010

A look back: baby quilt #1

This is the first baby quilt I ever made and it never got delivered:

I made this for my husband's coworker who had a baby girl.  This pattern worked up visually striking. My inspiration for the colors was the border fabric. I may have used a pattern from the Quilter's Cache for this quilt but I don't have any designing notes as far as I can tell. The construction pictures I have are dated Audust 2004. It's fluffy and tied with yellow 6 strand DMC embroidery floss. I have a ton of colors because I used to crosstitch. I also hand quilted hearts in the corners with it:

and made a matching pillowcase with a baby pillow:

This gift never made it to the recipient because after all that work, I washed it and found a blue stain in one of the yellow areas. It looked like pen ink but I never had a pen near it and there are no other spots so I didn't think it was the fabric. You can see it, kind of, in the whole yellow star on the upper left. It doesn't look so big but I was so distraught that it wasn't perfect that I couldn't give it away. We now sometimes snuggle under it in the winter. I believe it's 40in by 40in.


  1. That's a pretty quilt. Did you just keep it because you couldn't get rid of it? That would be my problem! LOL

  2. I was horrified to find the stain and just couldn't give a gift that was damaged but i do really like how it came out :oD


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