Jan 21, 2012

Jo Ann's haul

On Friday, after work, I went to Jo Ann's because of the sale. 

As you can see, my favorite part of a sale at Jo Ann's is the 99 cent patterns, limit 10.I go to the Simplicity website online, browse through the patterns and note down which ones I want. I bought a lot of wardrobe and skirt patterns for Spring and a couple of others.
I got this one for my daughter:
She saw a similar pattern on the internet, sans the animal faces, and liked it. I like this pattern better because it's just one large piece with 2 seams, one down the back and another across the top. It got great reviews at Pattern Review.com. We might make up a couple of these but why did they make the kitties in red fleece?

I saw this one online and bought it thinking it would be a great purse for quilt shows or amusement parks to keep your stuff secure, in front and hands free:
...but after I looked through the instructions I realized that the main compartment was an open pouch. I thought I saw a flap on it but it only has a magnetic closure. I might adapt it to have a zipper on top.
I also got some quilting goodies:
I saw an Apple Core quilt online & it inspired me to get one template and the other was on clearance. The Apple Core is about 4 inches finished at its' longest and the mini twister will make a 6 inch finished blocks with 4 pieces. I want to use the Apple Core to cut a piece of fabric from the scraps of quilts I've made to make myself a memory type quilt. I indulged in the magazine because it has a lot of different types of patterns and color schemes and I need to get a feel for what my MIL likes to make a quick quilt to practice free motion quilting on. Then there are 2 tool leashes for my little scissors. I'm using one for sewing and one for my carry along project, which is a mini cross-stitch at this moment. I also bought a new box of pins. When I got home I noticed these were longer than the others I have that have the same heads and I was going to return them. My husband convinced me to keep them and try out the longer length.

I'm grateful to have some extra money to indulge myself! I'm going back today to get a few more patterns and to see if they have a 1 inch bias tape maker.

ETA: I forgot about this:

 I bought this for $3, with 50% coupon, for the wheel to make Kumihimo braids. This blog link will take you to a page with tutorials and lovely pictures of finished pieces. I love the bracelets made with simple embroidery threads or cord. It's a Japanese technique. Just Google it and you'll find videos, tutorials and templates you can print out and make for free. They also range from very simple to complex. I still need to figure out what I'm going to make but I love the portability and meditative aspect of this craft. 


  1. Ooh, such fun purchases! I have the offset square template, but haven't made anything with it yet. And I'm addicted to buying those 99-cent patterns. Love the hats!

    1. Thanks for commenting! My daughter wants to make the hats but she's in the middle of another project right now. I'll post them when/if she makes one.


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