Jan 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday #2

I was happily quilting along when this happened!
If you click on the picture you'll see long threads on the back. They snapped and I couldn't see them on top so I kept quilting. When I finished this block I found them. I tied the ones I could find both ends to off and threaded them into the quilt. I re-threaded my machine and still had snapped threads. So I took out the bobbin to check it and that's when I found that I accidentally knocked the feed dog lever up a bit and they were catching the thread and breaking it. This might not happen on a modern machine but I love how it quilts & now I know to check that lever when I put in a new bobbin! Since this quilt is for me and a wall quilt, I'm not too fussed about it. I'm going to leave the over-stitched threads on the back and pretend they're not there.

After that, everything went well and I finished quilting the main part of my quilt. I'm so jazzed about it!

After my happy dance I quilted one section of the border
This looks awkward! And I changed my scale so dramatically that the stitches were way too big. So I took a break and sewed something else. I looked online for inspiration and now I've decided to quilt some loop-de-loops in a much denser pattern that will fit better with the rest of it. Now I just have to rip out this mess and keep with it. I hope I can finish it this weekend. I'm so close I can taste it!

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