Jan 24, 2012

Taking a step back...

 I finished quilting the center part of my quilt this past weekend. I started quilting the border but after the first one, I knew the design I picked for it was not going to work. I'll post more about that tomorrow. I needed to take a break from it so I made an apron instead.

It was easy, quick and fun. I didn't follow the pattern/directions exactly because I can be lazy and hate turning tubes of fabric. I used a 1/4 inch bias instead of a 1/2 inch, because that's what I had in my stash, to bind the top and curved edges. I did make the neck loop out of a tube of fabric but I used red grosgrain ribbon for the side ties and placed them at the edges where I wanted them. They are super long to go around twice and still tie in a bow in back. I only attached the neck loop on one side permanently and there's just a safety pin in the other so it can be adjusted for either my husband or my son to wear. I may put in a D ring later or find a funky bit of "Pirates' Booty" at a resale shop to pin it closed instead. I left off the pockets because I couldn't find my solid black scraps to make them. I think they'd look cute with a skull and crossbones applique but instead of crossbones I'd use stirring spoons or something and maybe a chef hat on the skull.

My son is going to love this because the last time he needed to wear an apron he had to wear mine:

and he's 11 and his Grandmother and I convinced him to take a picture in it! I bought it on clearance at Hobby Lobby. It was a printed and prepacked  apron that you just cut out on the lines and stitched together. I made it last fall. It was the first apron I'd ever made and turning all those tubes didn't make me eager to sew another for the guys.

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  1. Both aprons look fabulous! I love your idea of appliquéing a skull with a chef's hat and adding stirring spoons. If you do make one, I'd LOVE to see it.


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