Feb 10, 2012

Fabric postcard #1

I have a Live Journal account where I'm a member of a community that has a fabric postcard swap. I missed out on the first two rounds, because I didn't really sew last year. They recently announced the third round and I'm ready to participate. 

This is a no stress swap which means it's been announced that the postcards will be mailed at the end of February. Near the end of February, a post will be made and you sign up and say how many you already have finished. So if I have 3 finished by then, then I can sign up for 3. The host will gather all the snail mail addresses then divide them out, you get the addresses where to send your postcard and mail them by the due date. If you don't have any ready to go, you just don't sign up, therefore no stress. 

Fabric postcards are a great way to make small samples of new techniques that are useful. I made this one after they first announced it.
 It's 4 inches by 6 inches. I wanted to try my hand at a 10-minute block with an insert to make it look like a faux Cathedral Window. I liked how all the seams joining in the middle and excess fabric made this one look like I stuffed it when I didn't. I think that illusion is only due to it's small size. I also like the curves and the echoes I quilted.
I made some 1/2 inch double fold bias to finish it but it was a bit tight to put on. I sewed it down too much the first time. The second time I folded it around the edge and pinned it to both sides and top-stitched.

It came out OK. I think I will use it again but next time I'll use flannel for my batting instead of Warm & Natural. The thickness made it a bit awkward for a small piece. As you can see, I didn't give much forethought to my bobbin thread. I'm very casual about it in general and now I have these lines that I don't like. It kind of defeats the whole postcard idea, even though I was going to put it in an envelope. I'm going to add a piece of muslin to the back to cover it up and then it'll be ready to swap! I plan on making 2 more but I'll have to see what I end up with.

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