Feb 17, 2012

First quilt finish of 2012!

I was sick last weekend when I wanted to finish this quilt so it had to wait until yesterday. It's about 33 inches square and made from a kit by Connecting Threads that I got for Mother's Day last year. It's made exactly as pictured in the directions but I pieced the blocks the way I preferred. I thought about changing it up some. I wanted to put something in the light print squares other than the letters but I couldn't decide what to do. However, once I traced out the letters and put the fusible on the fabric, I noticed the fabric went perfectly with them. In the end, I'm happy I didn't do something off the wall. 

Since this is a wall quilt, I free motion quilted it very tightly. I had so much fun doing it and picking out what I wanted to do in each square. I think my favorite are the pinwheel and the spool blocks. Quilting it around Valentines' Day also influenced my design. In the blue corner squares, I used a red variegated thread and did a stippling with hearts scattered in it. 

It may sound like an ad but, the great quality of the fabrics made this quit the easiest to square up of any that I'd made before.  Connecting Threads did a great job with the instructions and illustrations. I liked how easy and fun it went together since the pattern and fabrics were already chosen and the price was awesome. This is the first kit that I've done that's been really fun and just for me. It's going on the wall in my sewing space this weekend. I loved it so much that I bought another kit from CT that came in the mail this week but it has to wait in queue for it's turn. I also want to buy so much more from them. I had bought their thread before but now I want to get lots of fabric, particularly the ones I'm going to use to make a king size quilt for my bed.

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