Feb 2, 2012

The last pincushion threadcatcher?

After making my first two pincushion thread catchers, I knew I had to make one for my daughter and that she wouldn't like the same design for the pincushion part. She absolutely loves jasmine tea so I thought a teacup pincushion would be great for her. I looked on the web for a teacup pattern to sew but I didn't really like any of them or how they looked. We went thrift shopping for some buttons for her and I found this teacup without a saucer. It was even on sale!

We had the choice of another but picked this one for it's wide lip. I made a couple of circles of fabric, left over from the other two, and filled them with the crushed walnut shells. It has a pretty flower on the bottom of the inside of the cup, so I cut a piece of vinyl to line the bottom but I don't think she even has pins long enough to scratch it.

That was the quick and easy part. I made a "saucer", a connector and a bag mostly like the other two. I top-stitched the connector to the saucer and quilted a bit of grip web under it. Then I top-stitched the connector to the bag. I didn't attach the cup to the "saucer" to make it easier to empty the bag. The weight of the shells in the cup keep it from moving. She picked the fabrics from the ones I had left over. I think they match the cup nicely and she loves it.

BTW, I love my own and I use it more often then I thought I would. It keeps everything I need right where I need it next to me. I might have to make another since I have 2 machines.

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