Feb 24, 2012

I want to get back to quilting!

Sorry for whining but I've been hemming jeans. It's a necessary bother. I've hemmed one pair for myself that I've had for literally years. They were a pair I bought on clearance for $4 about 4 years ago. They were regular and I'm a petite and they were very flared at the bottom. I totally messed up the hem on them when I took out most of the flare so they sat for a long time. Then last year I finally pinned up a hem, last  month I basted it in, and yesterday I let out the one side that looked too high and finally hemmed them. So $4 and 4 years later I've got a nice pair of jeans. Sometimes I don't know if it's worth saving the money if you have to do so much work on them or they sit around forever, unable to be worn.

I've got another pair of pants for myself I have to hem. Regular pants are always about 4 inches too long on me. At least they are pants and not jeans so it should be easier (knock on wood). And I've got a pair of jorts (jean shorts) to hem for a friend. He said I could take my time but now my machine is set up for the thicker thread just about right so I'm going to wait to get back to piecing after I reset my tension instead of going back and forth. 

I almost regret giving the machine I usually did clothes on to my daughter. It's a lot easier to keep going with three machines to use. I think it's the ideal set up, one for piecing, one for quilting and one for clothing. I have a couple of extra vintage machines hanging around, they just need to be checked over and moved into my space first. I just might have to do that this weekend.

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