Feb 7, 2012

Jo Ann's haul #3

Thread, thread, thread. It was on sale last weekend for 50% off so I decided to pick up some.

I've never used Sulky thread so I picked up this lovely variegated red, on the left, to maybe quilt something for Valentine's day & try it. Next, I needed denim thread to hem some jeans but I didn't like the color very much so I also picked up some heavy duty in a couple other colors to choose from. The spools look much smaller than they used to, the jeans thread only has 60 yds, but the price was right. This is actually the results of 2 shopping trips. After I bought the first spools, I decided I wanted the Sulky in another color but I went to a different store & they didn't have the quilting threads so I instead picked up a Coats & Clark in a 30 wt. cream color and a spool of invisible smokey polyester. 

I haven't used any of these threads yet but I did pull on the C&C machine quilting cotton one to test it's strength. I was impressed it didn't break. They've recently, within the last year I think, changed their thread. I bought a spool of quilting thread before and I've since relegated it to basting. When compared to the Connecting Threads cotton, it was very weak and broke easily. I'm pleasantly surprised with this one, so far & I'll update how I like it after I've used it. 

The last thing that I bought on sale was a set of 2.5" strips. I've wanted to make the Super Fast Jelly Roll Quilt forever and decided to buy this one. It's only 20 strips with 2 of each color so it's nothing fancy, this is from Jo Ann's. I plan on cutting the other 20 strips from my stash and probably adding some squares of black between strips.

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