Oct 8, 2013

Pattern review - Burda 7670 - view C - plus size

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I bought Burda 7670 at Jo Ann's when they went on sale for $2.50. I buy most of my patterns when they go on sale for $1-$2.50. They go on sale at different times but usually once a month. Burda used to never go on sale but now they do and this one was one of the first I picked up.

Before the sale, I get on the company's website, look through the catalog & write down the pattern number and sometimes a brief description. It saves time but sometimes, when I look at the pattern envelope I decide to not buy it because it looks different in a larger picture. Sometimes, I flip through the books at the store and see patterns I wouldn't have picked because the pictures are so much bigger than online, even though they are the same pictures. I've picked up a lot of patterns for basic things like button down shirts, boxers, pants, jeans and coats. I don't ever stitch them up right away but I do read the instructions. They've come in handy when I need something special in an emergency. A lot of them are also labeled as 1 - 3 hour projects so I know I can whip it up in a day. Once I get them home and eventually decide to make a garment, I look it up on Pattern Review.com to see what others made and their thoughts. If it got bad reviews or nobody made it before, it's OK because I only spent $2 on it. I feel like I'm just getting the hang of clothes making after years of collecting patterns and reading them and sewing up a few. This is the same way I tackled quilting so I hope to be as proficient at sewing clothes, in the future, as quilting. 

Unlike other reviewers of this pattern who made the shirt, view B, I decided I wanted the strappy top with the sweetheart neckline. I picked up a med weight woven cotton my MIL gave me, she was cleaning out her old sewing stash, so I could make a wearable muslin. The top is just a few simple pieces with bust darts and an invisible zipper in the side. It's a plus size pattern and I cut a size 24 according to my bust size with my bra on. It went together well, especially the zipper using the video tutorial from Connecting Threads. I think I will always use invisible zippers. They are way easier to put in than regular ones.

The straps are left free in the back so you can adjust them to the length you need after trying it on. So I put on my strapless bra, the only one I can wear with this, and tried it on and had a couple of problems. When I pinned the straps straight to the back, it gaped a bit in the front. The solution to this was really simple. I crossed the straps on the back and I guess it pulled differently on the front and made it lay closer to my chest. The front of the straps are sandwiched between the two layers of the top band so they cannot be moved after assembling. Next time, I might reposition them so they will pull the top in when the straps are straight, cross them again or maybe leave them off and attach separately.

The other problem I had was the back band was too loose. I honestly don't think I cut it out too big because it fits well at the bust line. I think the pattern or directions were printed wrong and it should have been put in the reverse of what it said to. The back band has a slope on the sides and the directions said to put it in with the wider edge at the top. It didn't meet right with the bottom of the shirt but was only off by a little so I just trimmed it off and kept going. I made a box pleat in the top band to adjust it. I think if I put it in with the rectangle on the inside it might have looked better but no one will really see this between wearing a shirt over it and my long hair.


I'm very happy with this pattern, even with all the little adjustments I made. I hear it's very rare to get a pattern perfectly fit the first time because everyone is different but this one was close. I'll definitely make it again and recommend it to anyone as an alternative to a camisole or as a cute spring top. It might even look great extended down and wider for a dress.

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