Oct 2, 2013

Thrifty Fixes

It's been a long time but I actually got some projects done. I've been focusing on sewing my own clothes and making thrift store items fit. I've had a lot of success this past weekend on both fronts so I'll have quite a few posts scheduled for the next week or so. I think I've caught a fall sewing bug!

I took a 3x large knit shirt I found at the thrift store and took it in 2 inches on each side to fit me. I could probably take in a bit more but loose & comfy is OK. Then there was an unknown size, long, purple, knit camisole that gaped a lot under the armpit that I just darted in on the side seams and now it fits beautifully & hides my bra. The most I spent on those two items together was $4 so I'm pretty happy with that.

I had a skirt that was two sizes too big with stretched out elastic in the back of the waist. It also had a facing instead of a waistband so I took out the elastic, sewed three channels into the facing around the waist and threaded in some 1/4 inch elastic and now it fits perfectly. That one was also a great bargain but I don't remember how much I bought it for. Knowing how thrifty I am, it was probably under $3. The picture didn't come out but I'm sure you can imagine it got a bit more casual with an elastic ruched waist.

I took the idea of the channels and thin elastic in the waist from  Burda 7381, a men's shorts pattern. That was how they did the elastic waist and I love how it comes out looking and feeling. I'm making my son a pair of pajama pants from that pattern to see how it turns out. Their sizing is tricky and not on the outside of the envelope. My son is a size 36 in RTW and the pattern said it ran up to a US 46 but according to the sizing chart on the pattern paper he turns out to be a 46 so I guess I won't be making these for the Hubby who is much bigger.

I'm not a girl who's big on fashion but is big on saving money lately. I don't go thrift shopping a lot but I'm very choosy on the size & color, not so much the style because that can be altered. And the price has to be low if I'm going to invest time in making it fit or changing it, in case I ruin it. These have been sitting in my "To Fix" pile for literally months waiting for the inspiration to get the most out of them and it just clicked for all of them at once. I'm really grateful for that and I hope to do more.

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