Oct 12, 2013

Pattern review - McCall's M6326 - view C

This top was the first time I worked with a knit fabric. I was previously scared of them & I don't have a serger so I stayed away from them. Then I saw this lovely purple butterfly print I just couldn't pass up.  I looked in my pattern stash and on Pattern Review.com and found McCall's 6326 was an easy top that came out good. I chose view C and cut it out in a size 20, one size smaller than the pattern flap measurements.


It had just 4 pieces to cut out and sewed up quickly. I looked online for videos and tips on sewing knits and found that sewing them with a straight stitch while stretching, like the directions recommended for a regular sewing machine, was a difficult skill so I sewed it with a zigzag stitch to allow for stretch. I still pressed the seams open where I needed to by laying the seam sideways and flipping one side of the allowance open. I also didn't  sew the hem because I don't like the look of the zigzag stitch on it and I didn't have a double needle. It's a knit and won't fray so it shouldn't be a big deal with a dot of fray check on the end of the side seam. I can sew up a hem later if I acquire a double needle.

I put it on with and without the front twist and it gaped on the sides of my boobs and sagged in the back. The twist made me feel like I was choking. The opening in the front was also too deep, like other reviewers commented, so I stitched it together up another 2 1/5 inches. I sewed in 1 inch wide darts in the back on each side seam so that solved the sag in the back. Then I sewed in darts for the bust to close the gaping. The edges now look nice and my bra isn't showing. Unfortunately, I'm a total beginner in darts. I don't even know if you can do them in knits but I did them and they bubble at the point. It could be that I have 2 layers, front and facing, that are not feeding evenly there and pulling a bubble. I may go back, take it out and try again but my husband couldn't see them until I pointed it out. He was too busy staring at my cleavage!


I also made a matching headband with the scraps.

I absolutely love how it looks and makes me feel sexy. Its perfect for spring! (even though its fall now) I just found out you are really supposed to pre-wash knits, I didn't on this, so I hope it doesn't get ruined after the first washing!!! I'll definitely make it again cutting it a couple sizes smaller, depending on the stretch of the fabric, and maybe try it out as a dress by lengthening it. I might try to redraft the sides of the bust to gape less and take out the twist in the back of the neck and definitely in the front, if cutting smaller doesn't help.  I won't make the other views because I found I look awful in one shoulder tops. Red or black stretch velour is tempting to use next time but the big print looks awesome on it. I loved the ease of using knits and I want to make a lot more clothing out of it. I already have some I got at the craft thrift store that I can't wait to use.

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