Jan 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Valentines Day project

I had planned to post about another project I had started this weekend but then Monday happened. 

I love Linky Parties. I love seeing what others are creating or have in the past. You're most likely reading this blog because you found me on one. On one of them I saw a picture of some cute woven hearts and had to click on the link. Vera's post is titled "Mug Rug Detour" and she detoured me from my project.  Her mug rugs were darling so I clicked the link to see how she made the hearts. When I saw how she wove together the hearts she used, I was intrigued. Then she had another link at the bottom to go to a page with different ways to cut the fabric to weave some amazing hearts! The first page was a standard 9-patch and I left. I came back later and noticed there were more pages. On the second page I found a picture of an angel woven from strips! It just blew my mind! There are 27 different patterns you can weave, some of them are incredible. It opened my eyes to new possibilities!

I am not a big fan of making quilts with hearts on them but this technique has changed my mind. I picked a few of the templates and printed them out on draft.

Thankfully my photo editor darkened them up. These are the four I chose. I traced the second one above out and looked at it and wondered how it was going to be woven so I overlapped the tracing on to the printout and they didn't line up to make the four hearts facing up. I realized I had to use the reverse of the cutout. These type of hearts are normally made from paper so reversing them is no problem, just flip the paper. Since I'm using fabric, I traced the cutout on the reverse side of the paper to get the reverse image to trace on to the fusible. Here's the first one over the reverse image. It's kind of hard to see the blue through the paper but this is my idea about auditioning the pattern.

The pattern must be reversed if the cuts are not symmetrical for them to work out good. The fourth one above also needed reversed but the others didn't. I used the little number on the corner of the picture to identify them on my fusible web with a "R" added to the reversed ones.

These were my first fabric picks:

 I'm most likely going to use the blue one as the backing. My husband bought it for me & I love it because it's an unusual heart fabric that says "Love is in the air". Unfortunately, the uniqueness of it makes it hard to use. The picture makes the dark blue look more mottled than it really is. I like the idea of red & white and magenta & white hearts. So I went out and bought a bit of baby pink to put them on. Here are my fabric choices and my traced out patterns.

 I can't wait to get started but unfortunately housework calls .

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  1. I'm excited to see your progress, and I'm intrigued at the woven hearts, now! I am going to hop over and check them out. Lovely fabric choices!

    1. I can't get them out of my head. A project doesn't normally side track me like this. Thanks for commenting! Happy Sewing!

  2. Replies
    1. It is! I'm really excited about it. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Sewing!


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