Jan 14, 2016

Christmas ornaments

When I played a You Tube video for my MIL, showing what I wanted to achieve on our next project, the tutorial for this ornament showed up in the sidebar.

She was immediately enthralled with it so we went out to JoAnn's and grabbed a few 1/2 yards of fabric. When we brought it back, I realized we bought the exact same fabrics used in the video. I guess they really do help advertise subconsciously.

We made some. They went together very quickly between the three of us. She had to leave to get on her plane but she went home with 8 ornaments.

While my husband & kids took her to the airport, I sat and stared at the circles that weren't folded yet and inspiration struck. I used a couple of machine embroidery stitches and stitched around  the circumference where the top-stitching was. It took them up a notch! I texted her a picture of the embellished ornaments and she opened hers up again so she could bring them back to re-work. She brought them back over Christmas and I quickly stitched the motif she preferred on them, restitched them & sent them back with her.


We went back to the fabric store to buy more fabric to make more.

I still have a few more to finish up on my stack. I plan on making a long double fold bias strip and pinning them to it like a bunting to hang.

As of January 2016, I still haven't touched these in a year but I still love the look of them.

The place where the You Tuber got the instructions is here:
There is another one on her blog that I want to make in green to alternate on my bunting.

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