Jan 17, 2016

Starting the new year right!

I started out the new year by sewing! I sewed this block on January 2.

I have never done a square in a square type block before. I really enjoyed how it looked a bit wrong after the first two triangles were attached, with the long tails hanging off the ends, but then it worked out.

It came out great for being cheap fabric. I literally bought these block kits for a dime before I knew there was a difference in quality. I had to starch the heck out of them. I pulled this one out because I wanted to sew something and came across it. I was really impressed with how my skills have improved.

The next day I sewed up this one

So easy but it was just so much fun! I really miss sewing blocks. they took me about an hour each. I have a lot of these already made in different blocks that I'll probably make up into a quilting practice quilt or two & use for car quilts. I can use the practice.

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