Jan 8, 2016

Tea Time Quilts

My daughter, MIL & I sew together. The project we chose to do in 2014 was a paper pieced quilt of a tea set. We found the patterns at Piece By Number here:

MIL was concerned some of the pieces looked small so we enlarged the pot & cup blocks by 150% and changed the setting to only four cups. My daughter is an art major so she helped us pick some coordinating fabric for me & my MIL's quilts, then picked out some others for hers.

I love how we all came up with something different. MIL & I chose fabrics out of our comfort zone but we ended up loving our results. My daughter liked her more Asian inspired look, she lives off of jasmine tea, but she agrees she needs to fill in the handle of the pot. Her original idea was to fill it with hand embroidery but she didn't have the patience for it so we're thinking of an applique' handle instead.

Here's mine:
It's 22" wide and 27" long. Each of the cups have a different fabric because I like the variety in unique mismatched sets.  I just realized it needs some more quilting in the cups and border. It should be quick to do so it will probably be my next project to do.

Here's my MIL's:
 The first picture wasn't to scale, all the pots & cups are actually the same size. Her's is maybe 26" X 31". She used lace over the fabrics in her cups and we pieced it into her mitered borders. The pink strip in the border is actually a flat piping strip. She's the  only one who also chose to use binding on the edge, the other two have the backing brought forward from the back. She made a beautiful installation on her wall for it that I need to find the picture for.

My daughter's:
She wanted a less pink, more natural looking quilt and chose different fabrics. There was going to be more embroidery on this one but she didn't have the time for it. We're going to either paint or applique' the handle on the teapot. The quilting follows the patterns in the background fabric.

This took us quite a few visits but we had a lot of fun sewing together and drinking lots of tea and coffee.


  1. What lovely mini quilts. It is so nice that you, your daughter and MIL sew together it's a nice tradition. I have only just found your blog and its really sweet.

    1. Thank you! I'm very sporadic about updating but I'm glad you like what I share. I hope you find some inspiration. Happy Sewing!


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