Jan 5, 2016

Dice bags finished (post #4)

I did get our dice bags finished last year. This is the first one I did with a pocket on the lining and the paper piecing page for my next block.

And here it is all finished and standing up nicely to put dice in.


I ended up making my son's bag next because that foundation pattern looked intimidating. I did fusible raw edge applique'. It came out better than expected and I had more fun doing it than I expected.

 They all have ribbon drawstring closures and a flat pocket inside for the trading cards. I'm quite proud of this next one. Its a 5 inch finished square.

It was tough but fun. The shading could've been a lot better but I still like the glow I achieved. Next time I can plan it better and blow up the pattern bigger to make it easier. 

These are really great little bags. You can find all the details on where I got the patterns from on the first post here: Post #1You can personalize these with blocks or applique', change the size or leave out the lining and use them as gift bags or treat bags or for yourself.

Happy sewing!

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