Jan 23, 2016

Crazy quilt blocks (post #2)

We, my MIL, daughter and I, worked on our crazy quilt blocks all through 2015. These are our first crazy quilt blocks pieced! I used the method where you randomly cut a 5 sided polygon, place it on a piece of muslin and randomly add strips around it.

The second set went much faster than the first. We decided to do 4 blocks each. It's been so much fun. We managed to get all four blocks pieced but we were so busy in 2015 that they've been waiting for this year to put together and finish.


These are our blocks. The finished block size is going to be about 10" x 13". Some are trimmed to size, some aren't and I overlapped them so they look very crazy!

We planned to do a wall hanging and trade a block with each other so we each have one from the other. The final layout is yet to be determined. My MIL gave me Electric Quilt 7 for Christmas so that will help loads in figuring it out. It's been lots of fun & no stress. We can't wait to embellish them! I'll post more when they're trimmed and I have some layouts.

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