Jan 18, 2016

Connecting Threads Zip Zip bag

I got my order in the mail from Connecting Threads Thursday and bought the supplies I needed that night to do the Zip Zip bag in Pen and Inked. I cut it out Saturday and constructed it Sunday. I took some shortcuts by buying black bias binding and using a strap that was in my stash from an old lunchbox.

This area was a bit tricky to turn the corners and sew. I broke the tip of my titanium needle somewhere around this area. Fortunately, it didn't fly into my face and I was near the end. The ugly corners were folded to the back in the end so that hid it.

This was an easy gratification project. I loved the easy construction and wished I had thought up of this pattern. I feel so accomplished!  It's a good size, maybe a bit long for me. As my kids have gotten older, my purses have gotten smaller. I transferred my purse contents to this one that night. It was a tight fit and I think I travel light. I think it's because it's so flat. I might have to hang my keys on the D-rings. Next time, I might sew in a circle at the bottom to give it some depth or put in a gusset. If I don't I'll definitely round the bottom corners so I won't have to turn the binding around them. I love the way it hangs in front of me where I can keep an eye on it. Since I cheated on the binding, I have plenty of fabric, it was cut very generous, to make a matching wallet and maybe a coin bag. I could've made the strap from the fabric for the binding but I wanted to finish it quick. Now, there's still the purple one to sew.

 I can see myself making quite a few of these for different outfits/purposes. This pattern would be wonderful if you've never made a bag before or you love to embellish and experiment. I think if I made it out of denim it wouldn't need stabilizers or a lining. I'd just have to finish the seams. I could have french seamed it instead of bind it and it would've been even quicker. I could've put in a lot of different kinds of trim too. It would be easy to insert rick rack or lace under the zippers.  I'm already thinking of using quilt blocks and applique on the bottom. . There are some really great decorative zippers that this bag would be perfect to show off. Speaking of, I'm going to buy a dozen 12" zippers online for an awesome price at Zipperstop.com. These look awesome and are half the price of the fabric store and these were just $0.32 each if you buy a dozen! They also have great decorative ones but be careful because you do sew over the teeth and trim them down from 12". You can get the pattern without the kit in the book Best of Connecting Threads Vol. 1. It would be great a great scrap buster.

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