Mar 13, 2012

BOM blocks finished!

Last year I was participating in a BOM over at Live Journal. Of course, this is hard to keep up with when you're taking a quilting hiatus. Taking the time cutting out all the pieces at once and kitting them helped finish them much faster since I could just sew up a couple of seams when I had a chance. Last weekend I finished sewing the last two blocks!

The other one I forgot to get an individual picture of but it's the upper right Mardi Gras colored block in the group.

These are big 16.5 inch blocks. I've finally taken them down off my design wall after being up there for about a year. This isn't their final setting. I think I'm going to add a 2 inch white border around each block and them finish them as a quilt-as-you-go project during the summer. It should finish about 60" X 80".

Finally, another step closer to being done but it's going on the back burner for now.
sew many ways

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