Mar 9, 2012

I think I'm in love!

My new washing machine came in yesterday morning. 

(picture from Google)

It's pretty freaking amazing to watch but I had stuff to do for the first part of the day so I couldn't really get cozy with it until the afternoon. I did the trial load with exactly 6 lbs. of laundry like the manual suggested. It was just a rinse and spin so after it finished I loaded it with more towels and set it to go.

It was amazing to watch it work. It is a modern marvel of robotic engineering. It weighed the load, checked the balance and redistributed it before it began. I accidentally set it to heavy soil and it beat the snot out of it! OK, not really, but it did agitate better than any washer I had seen before and I thought my old one did a really good job of agitating the laundry. It spun it fairly dry also.

The downside was that it first estimated it would take 72 minutes but actually took more like 80 minutes. The long load times will take a bit to get used to. My husband thinks the times might get closer as it breaks in.

I also washed a load of mixed lights. When I went to add my homemade detergent I noticed it had left some in the cup from the last load so I just dumped that in the basin instead of adding more. I might have to go back to the powder version or start making the liquid one. I don't know how well this load washed. It had socks, light khaki pants and t-shirts in it. The t-shirts came out so dry in spots that they only looked half wet but the socks were still fairly moist. But the beautiful thing is that I could wash just socks or t-shirts or pants and it won't use too much water because it senses the load size.

I'm really excited to wash laundry and figure the ins and outs of this new machine but this weekend is the Dallas quilt show so it's going to have to wait a bit longer.


  1. I use Xtra which, while it is not listed as HE, has worked great in the last front loader and the new LG. It doesn't bubble up much at all which is what the machines need.

    I add a little Borax powder or washing soda (like them both), too (about a quarter of a cup.) I just drop it onto the clothes. There's never a problem with it not melting away.

    Some people complained that the clothes were wrung out too much. The heavy-duty cycles will do that, but they're meant for towels and such. The permanent press cycle is perfect for lighter clothes. You can always change the spin levels on any cycle, too.

    FYI, One thing neither this machine nor the front loader could handle is gel bleach. The water running through just isn't enough to dissolve it.

    I think a home-made liquid might be better in the dispenser. If what you are presently making doesn't contain bleach or something that will mess with the color in the laundry, you might try just dropping it in with the clothes. I'm old enough to remember that machines didn't used to have detergent dispensers--you just dropped in the powder!

    1. Unfortunately, my family are allergic to other detergents than Tide. It's really weird but every time I've tried to use something else, I usually borrowed it from someone when I was running out, my husband and kids would break out in a rash under their clothes. The homemade stuff is the only other thing that won't cause it. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm hoping to get to know it better tonight!


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