Mar 14, 2012

Fabric postcards #2 & #3 (post #1)

I sent out my fabric postcards last week for the swap. I made two more for a total of three so I should get three back.

I used these postcards to try out a no mark method of sewing hexagons together that Jacquie over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio posted.

It made sewing hexagons super simple and fast. I started with my Bits & Bobbins scraps and cut some hexagons with the small hex template from Marti Michell. I used set H template 52a which makes a 1.5 inch finished hexagon. 

First I sewed a strip of them straight across. This actually already has two strips pieced together and I'm in the middle of the third but the idea is the same.

The previous stitching lines make the 1/4 inch from the end marks, as long as they are accurate.

You're basically stitching the seams in order starting on the side touching the previous piecing on the top or left then to the next counter-clockwise until it's attached. Above, the light blue one is stitched across the top from the stitch line on the inside to the end on the outside.

The very light hexagon is folded in half so the seam with the light blue and salmon hexagon can be pinned together and stitched. I stitched it with the salmon one on top so I could use the stitched lines as a guide to see where I need to start and stop.

Second seam done and onto the light blue & dark blue seam.

This time the salmon one is folded back to make the seams line up. It can also be stitched to the end.

One more hexagon to add to finish the patchwork. I pinned this one on really well to make sure it lined up right.

This is my practice pieced top. Even though my 1/4 inch SA wasn't the best at first, it still came out really good and quicker than having to mark those points. Check out the link, she might explain it better but I really had fun with this. 

I think this is enough pictures so I'll finish up the process of completing the postcards in the next post.

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