Mar 13, 2012

A QR code for my blog

I  saw a mini QR code quilt at the quilt show last weekend and I just saw another on the web. The first went to a page with a message for her husband, we didn't test it however. The second was supposed to have a message concealed but not a URL address. I got curious and googled "can I get a QR code?". After looking at the first few choices, I saw an article from the NY Times. Since that seems more reliable than a service trying to sell you something, I clicked there. It turns out that the Google URL shortener will make one for your site.

I copy and pasted in my web address to get my short URL ( ) then clicked details. On the details page is a QR code for your shortened URL

Since I have a mobile template for my blog in addition to a web template, this should bring up my site on a smartphone in a mobile format. I'll have to test it tonight when my husband gets home. It's funny but when I upgraded my phone, I didn't want a smartphone because my husband's didn't react well to my touch. Now, I've got my own QR code and can't use it.

Some of the other sites in the article will make QR codes from your typed message. You could make a whole series of quilts, scarves, bags, note cards, t-shirts, mugs, etc. with secret messages. I might have to make a postcard quilt with a QR code message on printed fabric.

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  1. Hi Michelle, I love QR codes in crafts. I recently saw one on Pinterest that was crossed stitched so I hooked myself up with one for my blog. I plan on making a cross stitched QR code sign for my craft room. - Terrie

    1. What a fun idea! Cross stitch was my first needlecraft. I didn't even think of using it that way. Thanks!


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