Mar 7, 2012

My prize came in!

I went to my mailbox and found my prize waiting for me, to my surprise. I never got an email or anything but I'm not complaining. Connecting Threads sent me the Fauna collection of thread.

This collection and several spools from it were on my wishlist. How can you pass up thread with names like Milk Chocolate and Latte. They are scrumptious in person and I'm thinking up coffee or cocoa ideas for a mini quilt to try them out. The light colored ones are needed for piecing. They're the perfect shade to blend in to many colors. I do have a small wallhanging that I wanted to put more quilting on that these colors would go perfectly with so that's probably going to be the first thing I do with these threads. I also need to go pick up a new tackle box to keep them in since the last one I bought was filled immediately from my last order of thread from Connecting Threads.

I've also joined their site and Perfect Points Quilt a Long.  The first official QAL post was earlier this week but the introductory posts were about piecing using a positioning pin. I tried it out on some blocks I made and wow was I impressed! My points came out so much nicer and crisp and right where I wanted them. Now I just have to gather fabric to participate. I'm not really going to make the actual quilt but just some blocks to get the feel for it. These blocks were for a BOM that ended the middle of last year.

Right now though, I'm super excited about getting a new washing machine! They are delivering it tomorrow and I can't wait! I feel all super domestic dorky getting so excited over a washing machine but I can't help it. I researched for weeks on what I wanted online. Yesterday, I went around to look at the stores and found exactly what I want at a better price. I got a new top loading high efficiency machine from LG. The top of the line was what I was looking at first but then I saw they carried a slightly smaller model for a lot less. This "smaller" model will still wash a king size comforter so I think that's plenty of machine.

I may not post again till next week. I'll be busy doing laundry and watching it through the glass top and then there's the Dallas Quilt Show on Saturday and Funky Finds Spring Fling on Sunday! Then it's Spring Break! I'm going to be so busy!


  1. I just bought the LG top loader in the larger size. Here, it was just a little bit higher in price. It's HUGE. I love, love, love it. I do hope yours plays that little tune when the laundry is done. It's a bit Mr. Rogers, but cute and so much better than that headache inducing buzzer.

    1. I'm so excited! i just got the call that it's being delivered in the morning. I'm glad to hear someone I know loves it. I usually do clothes all the time so I couldn't see getting the bigger one, even though it has more wash cycles. It is supposed to play the chime. I can't wait to hear it!


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