Mar 3, 2012

A look back: First stuffie and catching up (long post)

I started sewing about 11 years ago before the birth of my son in 2000. I don't remember why except that I wanted to make him clothes. One of the first things I made was this mouse for my then 7 year old daughter. I don't even know where I got the pattern from. Very likely, it was from a book in the library.

It's so funny now looking back at it. She still had it in her closet among all her other stuffed animals that I suggested we finally clear out. It looks more like a rat than a mouse and it always gives us a chuckle to see it. It's amazing to consider a few years later I made this dog for my son when he was in his "Clifford the Big Red Dog" phase.

He took me like 21 total hours to make. I was curious so I kept track of the time. After that one, I never made another and I've rarely made a stuffed animal since then.

I reorganized my sewing space last weekend. I didn't really clean it, there was nothing to throw out. I tried to make room for another machine but it's in a table and there's just not enough room. My other machine, that I gave to my daughter, was a free-arm/freestanding one so I would just move it from the floor to the work table whenever I needed it. Maybe a box could be built for this one or the table leaf/cover taken off. 

While cleaning I found this top I had totally forgotten was there.

I just need to trim it up, layer, quilt it and bind it. It was made from the left over pieces of this project I gave to my MIL. I even found 2 more diamonds that I'll piece into the backing. So that's going on my to do list.

On my list, I have a BOM I want to finish in a QAYG quilt. I have 4 more blocks to piece. I figured out what colors I needed more of and how much of each. Then I drew up a cutting plan and cut out the pieces to kit up. I re-calibrated the tension on my machine for piecing so I can get that baby finished. Here's what I did most of last week during my spare down time.

It doesn't look like much but it was a busy week and I've started piecing a block already. It's actually almost finished.

 Sorry for the long update but it was a busy week last week. Time to hit that that machine!


  1. :3 that mouse is awesome. it's kitschy and ridiculous and made with so much love that's its a treasure, even today, despite being :0 all those 11 years ago.


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