Mar 12, 2012

Fun weekend (Quilt show visit #2)

I had a fun and busy weekend. Saturday, me and the husband went to the Dallas Quilt Show. There were many amazing quilts. The artistry and craftsmanship was a big step up from the last one I went to. Unfortunately, I can't post photos but there are a couple at the link. I came away with a lot of inspiration and motivation. We also saw a quilt my husband would like me to make for the bed. It was a lovely french braid quilt with Poppy fabric and black and white prints. So I'm scrapping all my other ideas and I'm going to focus on that one. We were both completely quilted out by the end. 

I did find and buy this Our Lady of Guadalupe fabric panel. It's folded in half, the other half is the same. Sorry for the blurry picture. I'm sure I'll post clearer ones some other time.

I'm not sure if I want to make one quilt or 8 individual wall quilts for my friends and family. I had a pattern for a rose that would go great with it but I couldn't find it. I know there are several free online that I might have to substitute.

Then on Sunday all four of us went to an Indie craft fair. It was OK. The jewelry is what caught our eye most and there was an amazing felt artist but we didn't really get anything. We didn't even really see anything we would really want to make. 

The one thing I did buy was some wonderful smelling handmade soap from Sylett Soap. This is not your average melt and pour. The lady uses oils she buys from a woman's collective in Togo to make it. She trained as a chef and it comes through in her soap because they smell good enough to eat! I bought 4 bars including her face soap with lemongrass that was exactly what I need for my oily skin. It's amazing to use such a product created with care, thoughtfulness and quality. I facebooked her so we'll be at the next craft fair she'll be at. Soap is something I would like to make but the quantity you have to make makes it kind of unpractical unless you take 5 showers a day.

Next door to the craft fair was an antique flea market type thing where I got

This vintage singer button hole maker in a nice pink box. The box and manual are perfect but after reading the manual I found that a part was missing. Maybe I'll find one searching somewhere else. It was a cover for the feed dogs but mine drop really nicely on my 503A anyways. At $15 it isn't a bad buy since I bet the box in nice condition is what matters. 

I also bought for $1
I'm a Muppet/Henson fan. I have a Ms. Piggy in my sewing space as my companion and she has a picture of Kermit on the wall next to her. This was sitting on top of a stack of Life magazines and I just couldn't help but pick it up. I haven't even read the article yet but the pictures are awesome!

After, we went out for an early dinner and we took our bag of goodies into the restaurant to look them over. I pulled out what I thought was my bag of soap and instead found this:

A stack of fat eighths that I saw at the quilt shop booth at the craft fair. I mentioned to my husband, in passing, that I loved this line. He went back and got it while we were separated. I was so surprised. I really feel lucky I've got him sometimes. I just have to remember this the next time he drives me crazy! 

It's Spring Break this week so I'm off work for a while. I'll try to post everyday because I'm sure I have enough to already and I haven't gotten much done yet!

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