Jan 9, 2015

Back again? (update, don't have to read)

Wow! I knew last year had been a doozy of one but I hadn't realized I hadn't updated at all! I've had medical problems, lost faith in doctors, and solved my own issues through eating better and natural health alternatives. I'm feeling better than I have in years and I'm allowing myself to get everything back on track. This includes some serious Spring cleaning and allowing myself time to sew.

It's not that I haven't sewn at all since my last post but it's come close. The quilts I wanted to finish are still waiting, fortunately they're patient, and I've bought new fabrics to work with, but haven't used it. My MIL has a project me & my daughter sew with her and it was finished last year. I would have posted pictures but blogging hasn't been on my radar. I'll post that soon. I'm so grateful for her starting these projects with us. It allows both of us the time to do something we love together and normally inspires me to sew more.

In the last couple of months, when I started feeling better, I've sewn a few things here & there and we started on our next project with my MIL and its been loads of fun and satisfaction and I really want to record it here. When I haven't been feeling well, I've been watching You Tube videos on quilting and some beauty vloggers. It's hard not having the energy to sew and I feel blessed to have it back!

I've caught the sewing bug again and this year its time for me to allow myself to create!

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